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When it comes to mobile gaming, simplicity might be a good thing. In order to avoid overwhelming players with too many game elements, it is important not to overcomplicate mobile games due to their medium. Because of this, Mobirix’s Zombie Defense King, which was released earlier this year, is basic in all the wrong ways. The game is devoid of a storyline and originality, and it is virtually the same from beginning to end. While playing Zombie Defense King, you’ll encounter countless waves of generic zombies that are as mindless as the zombies you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Zombie Defense King is an action-adventure strategy game that falls short on both counts. A barrier must be protected from unending waves of zombies, who will try to breach your walls and devour the soldiers on the ground. Mercenaries may be deployed in groups of up to twelve, and they can be upgraded by pairing mercenaries of the same kind. As a result, two level one mercenaries are promoted to level two mercenaries, two level two mercenaries rise to the rank of level three mercenaries, and so on until they reach the rank of level 10. After reaching level 10, improved mercenaries are promoted to elite mercenaries, who are armed with specialized weaponry such as a flamethrower or a stationary gatling gun.

Mercenaries are sent, and you rapidly find that there isn’t much more to accomplish in this game than you first thought. You enhance your mercenaries, and then you sit back and wait for an opportunity to deploy additional mercenaries and match them against one another in the same battle. After a time, it starts to feel a little like a game of solitaire. You just keep doing the same thing over and over again, aiming to beat your own personal bests in the process. Furthermore, there are just four stages in the whole game, and they are all identical save for a few minor cosmetic variations. There isn’t a lot of variety in the zombies themselves, though. Even while some zombies attacked from close range and others used projectiles to attack from a distance, all of them had a similar feel about them.

However, there are several aspects in the game that might assist to break up the monotony. At a cost, players can increase the speed of the game by double it and activate auto-play, which automatically deploys and improves mercenaries for them. These are the circumstances in which the in-app purchases are made. It is possible to use these features for 15 minutes by viewing an advertisement, or for a full half hour by buying 50 gems. When it comes to currency in Zombie Defense King, gems and gold are the most common options. You may purchase gems and money in-game, but you will also get them on a regular basis as a reward for conquering waves and achieving certain goals.

I discovered that the greatest moments to play Zombie Defense King were while I was engaged in another activity. The game does not need much concentration. I would set the game to auto-play and just place it beside me as I watched television, checking in every few minutes between commercials. It also plays continually even when the app is closed, and it has a battery-saving option that turns out the screen while still keeping track of the wave you are currently on. These elements, together with the auto-play mode, give the game the appearance of being more of a simulator than a strategy game.


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