[UNLOCKED] Zombie War MOD 139 (Unlimited Gold)

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Unlimited Gold

Zombie War Idle Defense Game Description

We all like to play different types of games and still play games from different categories like racing games, gun combat action games, fighting games, football games, cricket games, and many other different games.

But most of us like fighting games based on zombies and survival themes, as well as games in which strategy making is involved. The game that I am talking about is Zombie War: Idle Defense Game. The game is all about strategy and defeating the zombies in battle. The game is we have to lead our army to defeat the army of zombies.

Depending on the nature of the zombie army, we have to plan different attacks with different weapons to defeat them. The main aim of the game is to defend ourselves when the zombies attack. We have to take shelter and alert our forces to fight against the zombies. There are many levels in the game, and you have to pass all the levels to win the game.

There are also many challenges that when you finish the work, you will get a lot of coins, diamonds, and attractive rewards in the game, which will be useful for buying different items in the game. The game is one in which we have to defend our shelter when we are attacked by the zombie army. We have to make different purchases and also do research to buy different items and upgrade the activities and abilities of the army. The controls of the game are very easy to use, and anyone can play the game who has once in a lifetime played a fighting game. The game can be played by different age groups.

One of the best features of the game is that it is available in the App Store and Play Store for free. There are hundreds of different maps on which we get to play the game, and we get the idea of setting up different bases on different maps. Depending on how you play the game or make the strategy to defend the zombies, that determines whether you win or lose in the game.

The graphics of the game are in HD, but the graphics are of OKAY type and can be improved to a much better quality. The same goes for the sound effects of the game, which are of OKAY type and can be improved to a much better extent. The main motive of the game is that we have to defend ourselves against the zombies for our survival. We have to go through the hard times when we are under attack by magicians, cavalry, and infantry of the enemy, and in reply, we have to attack them with our features.

Sometimes the enemies are very few in number in the lower levels, and sometimes they are very strong in the upgraded levels where we have to use unique weapons in the game. This was my review for this game, and it was my personal thoughts about the game and how I felt when I played it for the first time. So that’s all. Fight with all your weapons and make the best strategy to defeat the zombie army.

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