[Unlocked] World War Heroes MOD 1.34.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

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DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Requirements5.1 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Ammo

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS Description

World war heroes is a multiplayer shooting game which is based on the theme of world war 2. This game super fun as the players are from all over the world. You get to combat and face players from around the globe. World war heroes is a game which challenges you at every step and makes you grow in every dimension. The game requires you to battle against your enemies and also defend vicious tank attacks. You have to survive attacks in between Berlin and other cities. The game lets you plant bombs and attack in different ways. It has 7 legendary battle zones where you can test your skills and become familiar to what a battleground looks like. Attacking will not be a problem because you will equipped with a lot of combat equipments sourced from places like USA, USSR, Germany and Japan. You also get to operate your own tank. The battles are intense and it does require a lot of focus because its not just about saving yourself but also about preventing your teammates from the enemies, it is very mutual in that respect where all the teammates save each other from dying. World war heroes also demands co-ordination because attacking requires a strategy and in order to execute the strategy, you do need to have co-ordination among your teammates and each of them should clearly know their role, you cannot win every game but you can surely minimize the probability of losing it.

Talking about weapons, the game is filled with all that you have ever heard of. There are as many as 57 weapons for you, these include pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more. There are 6 modes in this game and an option of custom game as well where you can make your own rules.

Team Deathmatch
In this mode you have 2 teams playing against each other with a points based system. The time is limited and the team with the higher number of points wins the game.

This mode requires you to play alone and fight for yourself, the player with the highest points steals the show.

Point Capture
The teams playing in this mode capture points on the map that earns them battle points, the one scoring the highest wins the battle.

Headquarter Defence!
You are simply required to defend your headquarters in this mode and destroy the enemy one.

Capture the flag!
As the name suggests, you will have to capture flags from your enemies and bring it to your own base, the team which brings the highest number of flags to their base turns out victorious.

Team battle
This mode is interesting as there are no respawns, the teams should simply fight and the team which has atleast one member alive wins the game.

Custom mode
This mode gives you total control, you can make your own rules, you can invite yiur friends and just enjoy the game.

World War heroes has been largely successful and has clocked more than 50 million downloads on the playstore. So just download it and enjoy.

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