[UNLOCKED] Two Dots MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Coins

Two Dots Description

Two dots is a unique game in its own way. It helps you to relax even if you are solving puzzles.

The game features a simple, fun and addictive gameplay. You need to connect the dots to make them disappear.

The game is a great way to show off your dexterity. You are also able to compete with friends on Facebook and see who can make the most dots disappear.

You need to connect at least two adjacent dots of the same color in order for them to be removed from the grid, which will then collapse into smaller grids as more dots are removed.

As the game progresses the levels will get more complex. You need to have a sharp mind and quick fingers.

It will also get more difficult as there are obstacles that you need to either avoid or go through them in order to make the connection of dots. When a dot is tapped, it turns dark gray so other adjacent dots can be connected with this one if they’re touching while still being next to each other on the grid.

The game is relaxing in the way that it’s not a time-sensitive game. It’ll have you trying to figure out the solution to the puzzle and once solved, feel like you’ve accomplished something great!

In addition there are power dots that will start appearing on higher levels of difficulty (more than two adjacent dots needed). These add an extra challenge as they must be connected in rules defined in the game.

It is also a great time killer . You can turn off wifi and spend a couple minutes playing.

One thing that I really like about this game is the simplicity of it all: moving your fingers around to make what seem like random dots connect, but then suddenly you’ve solved the puzzle! It’s addicting in a good way – not too hard so that after you get to know the rules of the game. Don’t worry about the rules as you would know it as you play.


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