[Unlocked] Tricky Track 3D MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Tricky Track 3D Description

First of all I would like to say that this is one of the most interesting games I have played in recent times. The concept is really unique and you I bet you won’t find any game with similar concept in the entire PlayStore. I know VODOO makes interesting games but this one is simply phenomenal.

The idea is simple you and your opponent will be racing towards the finishing line. But the interesting part is that you will be carrying a ball with your hands. The role of the ball here is to clear your own obstacles and make new obstacle for your opponent who is running besides you. Don’t worry though balls are automatically generated when you throw one. The same goes for your opponent as well.

As you try to clear your obstacles and create new ones for your opponent, he will also try to do the same. The matter of the fact is that you need to be careful as to when your opponent is trying to obstruct you. In my opinion the funniest part of the game is that you can throw the ball directly at your opponent and he will fall off the race track for a moment. The sound effect at that moment is also funny.

Now there is also a bonus if you win the race. It is kind of a free run where your main objective is to break the glasses and collect free coins. Don’t worry there will only be glasses. If you are unable to break the glass at the right moment then the bonus run will end and your collected coins will be added in your account.

The game really has a unique concept and I would like to thank the developers for making such an awesome game. The graphics of the game is not demanding and it will run great even on budget phones. It has 3D graphics which makes it even more immersive. There are no distracting music playing around so that you can completely focus on the gameplay. The sound effects are also minimal but I would like to mention that they were the reason why I had a few chuckles while playing the game. It is a great time killer and there are no glitches whatsoever. If you want a simple game with less demanding graphics then this game is for you. You definitely need to check it out.


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