[UNLOCKED] Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad MOD (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Requirements5.0 and up
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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a real-time strategy action game in which players select a team of well-known characters from Ubisoft’s celebrated works. This game will create a separate storey for these characters, allowing them to exist independently of the original games. Players can encounter a totally different and distinct gaming environment in contrast to other RTS games. Additionally, this game will include a slew of unique features that will allow players to have the best experience possible when playing with their mates.



With a real-time combat style, players must carefully manage each team member in order to complete the mission in a timely manner. The player’s group will consist of up to five distinct character groups, each with their own unique set of gadgets. Due to the range of character types, players will have a multitude of tactical options. Additionally, players can equip guns for each character depending on their position to aid in the mission’s success. “Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad” is guaranteed to provide players with innovative gameplay and attractive features.




The player’s mission will be determined by the plot; in order to accomplish a task, the player must complete the primary objectives. The quest can have some secondary goals, but they are completely optional. Completing all goals, including the main and secondary objectives, will provide the player with a substantial reward. However, after the mission is completed, the player’s characters will need to be handled if any injuries occur. As a result, players should strive to complete quests with the fewest possible casualties in order to go on to the next mission.




The character classes in this game are various and diverse in terms of abilities and weapons. Each character can be fitted with weapons purchased from the store or acquired from loot boxes. Each character will have a unique ability and will be fitted with various gadgets. Throughout the mission, the player can use any and all of the characters to ensure that the mission runs smoothly.


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