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Requirements4.1 and up
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SuperVPN Free VPN Client Description

The Internet is vast, but you’re never really free to experience it all. You might be blocked from sites based on your location or the time of day, and with a VPN service like Super VPN for Android devices, that just isn’t an issue anymore! Choose between unlimited bandwidth across OpenVPN servers in over 20 countries around the world encrypted by top-level AES 256bit encryption features such as: Kill switch and DNS leak protection so even if there’s no so that your data remains safe no matter what. In order to guarantee you a safe online experience, the app offers its powerful security features with no limitations.

In addition: The improved security features also enables users enjoy their internet experiences anonymously without fear from hackers trying to steal personal information because they cannot track them down due to IP addresses changing constantly depending on what activity one was doing.

With this VPN you can easily connect devices for better speeds and reliability while also not being limited by speed or bandwidth when connected to SuperVPN servers. It also ensures that your anonymity is at maximum level in whatever task you are doing on the web such as accessing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where there may be restrictions based solely off of location instead of content access, which would make it so much easier if everyone had this option available!

Android users in Super VPN will find themselves enjoying the awesome app with little requirements. Just simply have the app ready on your mobile devices, open it up, and attempt to connect to a secure network using one-click options. This makes accessing public Wi-Fi as easy as pie for you!

Android system doesn’t always provide reliable access points so this software is handy when trying not to run into anything sketchy like viruses or malware.

I have used this VPN for a week now and I think that I found the best vpn ever! It’s so good, it has no ads on it. The interface is too simple but I’ll live with that because of how fast and reliable this thing is compared to other VPNs out there. So check them out if you want to.

How to Install?

Follow the installation steps below for a smooth installation experience:

  • After downloading the file open up your file manager. Next locate the file. Check the extension of the file. If it is a .apk then you need to tap on it.
  • Android Package Manager will take some time to check if it is a valid package. Following it there will be a prompt asking if you really want to install the app. Click on install and from there on it will install smoothly. If there is a popup saying that it might be a malicious file, ignore it since none of our apps are malicious. We have a dedicated team for verifying that.
  • If you have a .xapk file then you need to change its extension to .zip first. Then you need to extract it.
  • After that you need to extract it and copy the OBB file to Internal Storage/Android/OBB.
  • A valid xapk extracted folder will have a .apk file too. Click on it and install as you would normally install any other apk file.

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