[UNLOCKED] Supernatural City MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Requirements7.0 and up
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Unlimited Money

Supernatural City: Mystery Match 3 Description

Supernatural City is a game that has all the bright colors and fun games of Angry Birds, but with an intriguing plot. A young girl named Ellie receives a phone call from her father who turns out to be missing. She immediately heads back home in New Gateway where she was born as well as raised for clues about what happened to him while figuring out why this eccentric city seems so familiar yet new at the same time! Entering the house, she was shocked to see everything messed up and broken. “Daddy!” She called out in a desperate voice as her eyes scanned the room for any sign of him or his presence. And of course he never appeared from behind one of those doors leading off into another part of this Victorian mansion-style home that had been passed down through generations.

In many different ways, you will find each item one by one – open them up and gather many sources power: some are tangible; others may be intangible like emotions or thoughts.

A few seconds later Ellie’s life would change forever when she started talking with an old ghost who resided inside her childhood home too!

The game’s characters have their own stories and unique shapes. They all rely on Ellie to solve their problems, but each time she helps them they give her a thank you gift which is also an important item for the player in-game. With these items as well as score from match 3 levels that Ellie finds along the way alongside those given by other players, it will help explore your special abilities more!

Ellie will have the opportunity to go through all of her favorite street vendors and shops as she experiences a new city. Every detail in Supernatural City is gorgeous, making it feel like you’re walking around with Ellie! The sounds are gentle and create an authentic experience that makes me want to leave my worries behind for awhile.

Supernatural City was my favorite game last year. I loved the storyline and it wasn’t too hard like most games are, so that made me wanting to play more! It’s supposed to come out with a new sequel soon and I am really excited for it. If you all find that a sequel of this game is released please let me know in the comments section.

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