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Superhero Car Stunts – Racing Car Games Description

Superhero Car Stunts is one of the few game where you could see your favorite superheroes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Marvel or a DC fan you can see heroes behind the wheels from both of these universe. It is really interesting to see superheroes driving cars. The good thing is that you will also get to see female heroes which is great for all the female enthusiasts.

The basic idea in this game is that you will be one of the superhero from either one of the universe and you need to perform stunts with your favorite cars. All the ramps in this game have been designed meticulously in order to give you an enthralling experience. This game has the potential to give adrenaline rush like no other. The ramps have all kind of twists and turns that you could ever imagine. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that not all cars are suitable for each of the ramps. If you are constantly failing to do a particular stunt then your car might be the reason. It is not tha the car is bad or something like that. It is just that it is not the perfect fit for that particular level.

There are different types of cars like 4X4 SUVs, sports cars, formula cars, drifting cars , off-road cars and much more. The game has almost all types of cars so that you never get bored out of it. If you feel that you don’t like the current car that you are driving then you can easily buy a new one from the store. You could also upgrade your car with nitro boosters and even fine tune your engines to churn out the maximum performance out of it. If at any point you feel that you don’t want a car or want some quick cash then you can easily sell it in the second hand car market of this game. There are many other things that you could do with your car.

While coming to all the superheroes in this game. You could customize them also. For example, you could change their costumes which give them a different look than the ones in the movies. However, changing the costumes are many times a joyful experience. You will literally have fun doing just that. The funniest costumes are there for Spiderman so try that character first. Apart from costumes you could change their hairstyles, makeup, glasses, and much more. There is seriously no end to when it comes to customizing your superheroes in this game. This is what makes game unique when compared to other stunt games.

The graphics of the game is simply phenomenal and you will feel that your superheroes have come to life. Apart from that the cars, and the clear sky also feel real. This game literally gives you those feel good vibes which our generation craves for. You can get hooked to this game for hours at a stretch just because of the graphics. If you ever feel that you are getting bored then you can simply try out this game. The sound effects is amazing and even though the exhaust notes of the cars are artificial it will give you goosebumps as you rev it through those ramps. This is a great game and you should definitely try it out.

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