[UNLOCKED] State of Survival MOD (Unlimited Skills)

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DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings
Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Skills

State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration Description

The story of the game starts with you being an unfortunate soul who is fighting for life in the future world of mankind. After a terrible zombie disease devastated every nation and civilization, humanity retreated to underground bases while those above ground fought their best against this monstrous enemy. Six months after it all began, you find yourself left with just a few other survivors as everything else seems so trivial now that we have been forced into combat with zombies on day-to-day basis. You must fight your way through hordes of undead monsters if only to survive another day up there without fresh air or freedom from worry about what may come next when they finally break down our defenses and get inside – then its game over.

You do not have to be a hero, just follow the instructions. You will need to defend against brutal attacks from predators and other players while building up your settlement by expanding its boundaries or improving resource production. The game starts with you in charge of pre-war society where humanity is faced with new dangers which require innovation and creativity for survival.

You’ve been tasked with finding a cure for the zombie plague that has swept across your world. This will be no easy task, and you’ll need to take on some dangerous quests in order to find what you’re looking for. You won’t have time or resources enough just sitting around researching – it’s up to your Heroes team of brave warriors and specialists like Dr Yamazaki who are out there fighting zombies head-on! It might not go as smoothly as we want sometimes either: undead hordes could attack our base at any moment without warning; so defenses must always be ready against their relentless assault by traps waiting behind reinforced walls while other towers rain down arrows from overhead positions providing crossfire support should they break through these first lines of defense.

The world has been overrun with zombies, and you’re the only hope. State of Survival is a game where players will be able to work flexible hours from their own home while commanding hard-working citizens ready to carry out all your commands. You’ll also have helpful tools at your disposal like rocket launchers for hunting down those pesky undead creatures that are plaguing humanity.

This addictive game starts off fast but gradually slows down so some people get bored quickly. I see many reviews saying it’s not worth playing because you have to pay, and honestly they’re right- you really need to invest a huge amount of time if you want to do it for free.

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