[UNLOCKED] State of Survival MOD (Unlimited Skills)

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DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings
Requirements4.1 and up
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Download State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration mod apk.

Now available: The Walking Dead Collaboration! Locate Daryl Dixon!

Six months have passed since the zombie apocalypse started. The virus has spread throughout the region. Six months of terror, horror, survival, and zombie-fighting. You are a survivor, and your companions are engaged in a valiant fight against monsters. Construct a city that can withstand relentless zombie attacks. Welcom te encontrar en el Estado de Are you prepared for a strategy survival game?


The zombie infection has ravaged the world, eradicating all civilisation. Now is the time for survival, as the remaining troops and government have fled. The planet has been taken over by the infected. It is time to build a city that incorporates a plan for surviving zombies and monsters. The plague is spreading faster than ever, and the people desperately need a hero! They need a survivor, as their sole objective is to survive!

You will make friends or battle other survivors in this adventure. In fps mode, shoot zombies with your sniper rifle. Death is approaching, and the battlefield is reserved for the brave, so gather an army!

Make every effort to survive this heinous battle. The war will not be easy to win. The infected are everywhere, and you’re on the verge of waging war against the zombie army! Resources are limited, and you must save what you can from society’s carcass. Create a new city, team, and strategy to survive in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Develop into a zombie hunter! It is survival time.


There is a whole new world out there. A new online shooting game! Build a strategy and your own narrative. In this strategy survival game, you can plant a bomb or shoot zombies! Collect gold, coins, and whatever else you need to survive during this devastating period. Shooting is not always an option; instead, you must build a PVP army! Combat zombies, put an end to the terror, and survive the battle! This game is very unique in comparison to other war games.



Build up your settlement in the absence of the military to provide a safe refuge for your survivors and the base for your post-apocalyptic zombie society. It is time for your strategies to take shape! Combat the zombie virus! It’s war time, and you’re tasked with repelling the invasion! Survive to the best of your ability!!



In this survival game, you’re tasked with rescuing survivors from the fray in order to boost your numbers and power in the fight against each infected zombie. Locate those with unique skills, as they will be the plague war’s heroes! It’s time to shoot!



The zombie army outbreak is rapidly evolving. As a survivor, you must learn everything you can in order to comprehend the situation and formulate a plan prior to the zombie invasion. Whoever has the ability to control the infection has the ability to control the universe! There is a war going on out there, and survival is the only objective! Put an end to the apocalypse!


Engage in social interaction

Numbers have power. In this strategy survival game, you must form alliances and forge strategic partnerships in order to escape the horrors of the infected wilderness. Join armies to annihilate anyone who wants to take advantage of you in combat and prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Your very existence is at stake!


Dismantle the Rulebook

It is the second incarnation of mankind. Rewrite the rules to ensure humankind’s survival and victory over the invading army. This is a survival strategy shooter game in which you must battle zombies without the assistance of the military. It is diametrically opposed to all military war games.



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