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Unlimited Money

Space Gangster 2 Description

You might have played a lot of gangster games where you have a fixed scope of what the player can do. However, today we have brought a unique gangster game for you that not only packs a lot of thrill but also lets you explore everything in and around you. The game we are talking about is Space Gangster 2. This game is a successor to the previous version of Space Gangster that had more than a million downloads, the previous version had had a massive success and this actually compelled the developers to come up with a sequel to this featuring significant improvements in overall gameplay and functionality.

Space gangster 2 mod APK gives its players a great amount of freedom. This is not a typical old-school gangster game that has set functionalities and invariable gameplay setup, here in this game the developers have made a complete ecosystem where the player can do whatever he wants to while still remaining in that ecosystem. The game has a lot of things to offer.

The player can go about roaming in the city exploring different paths and streets and finding out a lot of other things about the city. The player can take his own sweet time to understand the dynamics of the game, how things work, what is legal and what is illegal, everything can be understood just by stretching your limits and exploring different things. In this game, the player can drive cars, fly aircrafts and a lot more other things. Being a gangster, you can do all sorts of things on the roads, the player can easily kill people whom he thinks are of no use, similarly the player can steal any car that he finds useful or beautiful, he just needs to stand in front of the vehicle, as the car stops, he can pull out the driver and throw him/her on the road, following that he can easily sit in the car and drive it rightaway without any fuss.

The civilians know that you are a gangster and therefore they won’t dare to do anything that you deem unfit. There can be instances where the cars won’t stop for you and it is at this time that you can use your weapon power, you can straightaway blow up the car and get satisfied. The best thing about the game is that while the name of the game has gangster in it, the player can play it in anyway he wants, he can be a good human being and act as a hero where he would be able to kill people who do bad to the society and kill innocent people, he can kill kidnappers, smugglers and a lot more. On the other hand he can also become an evil person who does bad to people around him.

The one who steals valuable items from different people and starts using them as his own. Being any of the two will be quite fun, you can play any role and have a great amount of fun. The game has a lot of different weapons to choose from. Each weapon has its own unique attributes that seperates it from the others. The player here can also drive army tanks on roads, you can fire at anyone and create complete chaos in and around you, you can have fun by destroying cars in just one go. Some of the weapons here are also quite powerful like Bazookas and rocket launchers that have the potential to create massive destruction.

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