[UNLOCKED] Smash Kingdom : Slingshot Action Defense MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Smash Kingdom : Slingshot Action Defense Description

Have you ever thought of a situation where you are alone and someone attacks you, how do you think you will respond to such a situation? will you get scared or will you become brave and fierce!!! If you want to live this reality and see how things work for you, then Smash Kingdom mod APK is the game that can show you your reality. It is a game that challenges you from the very first and hopes to bring out the best version of you, the one that is sensible, outgoing, and trustworthy. In this process you will learn quite a lot of things.

You will learn how to face your fears, how to deal with guilt that comes from the past decisions and how it is ruining your life. In the beginning of the game, all the knights will be on vacation and you will be there alone, this would be the time when the enemies will attack you and it is upon you whether you run away from it or fight against those cowards who know nothing about fair battles. Although you will not be able to fight with manpower, you will still have the option to fight with your brain power, your strategy and sensibility will be the attributes that will make you win battles and eliminate the fear of being ruled over.

This game is quite unique as it is not just a card collection game, it has other unique things like Slingshot that runs on billiard physics, slingshot actions are quite fun and engaging as well. You will be on a mission to stop the enemies that will pouring in from every other side. As you gain confidence and win against those enemies, you will obtain trophies that will boost your morale and make you feel confident.

You will also be able to unlock a lot of new arenas that will offer a lot of mercenaries and magic, these will make you even more powerful strategically, the player will be able to achieve all of these just by slingshot action. The gameplay is very basic and you will just have to pull back and fling the magic and mercenaries on the launch pad. You will be launch them towards the field in whichever way you want. You can adjust the angle, or the strength with which you are pulling in order to achieve your targets.

The game requires a good strategy, you can be an aggressive player who attacks its enemies in a hurry or you can be someone who is more tilted towards saving/defending the kingdom rather than aggressive attacking. It all depends on the player’s mentality and how he/she handles different situations. The approach to the problems matter a lot, be it in the game or in real life.

The game has a lot of arenas that get unlocked as you win more and more trophies, there are more than 5 arenas with different monsters present in them, each monster will fight in a different way, they will have different strengths but no matter who they are, they will have certain weak points, these are the points that are needed to be attacked and exploited as this will help you gain victory.

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