[UNLOCKED] Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCybernate Pty Ltd
Requirements5.0 and up
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Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game Description

Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game is only for those who love simplicity in a game. There are many stickman fighting games on Play Store and I don’t know which one was the first Stickman fighting game. These games are very interesting and a great time killer. These types of games are the ones that help you in busting stress since nothing is challenging you all the time and you don’t feel the heat as in many of the multiplayer games. You could also play this game if you are getting bored anywhere and can’t get out of that place due to some reason. Also, these kinds of games suit audiences of all ages and preferences.

The thing that makes this game stand out from the competition is the physics engine of the game. They boast the most realistic physics in any stickman game. Although, when I played this game myself just to verify the claims I found out that the claims were true to an extent but as soon as you try to do any kind of unique movements then all that realistic physics goes down the drain. However, it was better than most stickman fighting games and you don’t need highly accurate physics in this game. It is just meant to enjoy your game and have fun while you are waiting for something.

You can also play it with your friends and this is what makes this stickman game unique. While you are in that multiplayer mode this game no longer remains a casual game. You need to play it carefully since you are actually fighting with a real human and not the game’s AI which is pretty crappy in my opinion. Also, how many matches you could win depends upon your fighting skills and your presence of mind. You could also keep fighting with your friends in order to improve your skills and become the best stickman fighter in the world.

There are many backdrops which you can choose from for your match. It includes rooftops, basements, parks, roads, and much more. It is extremely fun to choose such locations and fight. One interesting thing is that sometimes the public also stops by and watches your match. Although, I would have loved it even more if the developers have added some kind of reactions while we are fighting. It is a nice little addition that makes me play this game even more.

There is a range of fighting styles and you could start adopting them right off the bat. Unlike there is nothing like unlocking those particular styles before you could adopt them. You could also mix and match various styles in order to make your own unique move. This is something that will keep you hooked into the game for hours since there are endless possibilities of mixing the styles.

This game is very entertaining to play. The stages are simple, to begin with, but they get tougher as the game progresses. There are a lot of levels. It’s very addictive and simple to get addicted to. An only drawback is a large number of advertisements, but the reason I’m not deducting points for this is that you can simply avoid them by turning off your WiFi. There will be very few advertisements, and you may still enjoy the game while still helping the developers by viewing advertisements for double rewards if you so want.

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