[UNLOCKED] Sky Raptor MOD (Unlimited Diamonds)

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DeveloperOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Requirements5.0 and up
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Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Diamonds

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack Description

The truth is, the endless space shooting games we’ve been playing for years are getting kind of old. The lack of challenge in these titles can be almost as exhausting as it is to play them. But if you’re looking for a game that will bring back your classic arcade spirit with modernized visuals and never let you put down your phone then Sky Raptor: Space Invaders has got what you need! Shoot at aliens, collect their treasure chests full of coins, upgrade and defeat those invaders so Earth doesn’t have to go through another bloody battle again – this time from outer-space!

You are the only hope in this perilous battle to save Earth from total annihilation. As Commander, you lead a squad of fearless fighters through every battlefield and use your wisdom as well as an arsenal of weapons to keep them fighting against hordes of powerful enemies that lurk around every corner waiting for their next victim – us!

You will never be out of a challenge with this game. With 150+ levels and various difficulties, you’ll have your hands full trying to save the galaxy from alien invaders in survival mode or just play endlessly through each level’s battle against colossal Bosses who are determined to ruin all our plans! You also get diverse equipment which can combine together for an explosive power-up that unlocks some hidden attributes if fused properly– time is running short so don’t delay another moment longer: grab Space Blitz now!

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