[UNLOCKED] Repair Master 3D MOD 4.1.6 (Unlimited Money/Ads Free)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money/Ads Free

Repair Master 3D Description

In Repair Master 3D, every day you are faced with the task of fixing broken electronics. These include screens and buttons that have been shattered or malfunctioning game consoles among other things. There are many different problems that can occur in electronic devices and the end-users might not know how to fix them. They cannot throw the device since it will be a waste of money so they will need an expert like you in this game.

Repair Master 3D is a game that teaches you how to fix electronics. You don’t need any knowledge of what’s inside them and this game will show you exactly where the broken parts are, then tell you which new ones they should be replaced with. Repairing an electronic usually takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes (in this game) depending on its complexity; nevertheless, it’ll take significantly less time if repairs were performed in order by following instructions from Repair Master 3D.

A problem we all face is figuring what to do with our old gadgets. Granted, there’s a point where your phone or laptop becomes outdated and it doesn’t make sense to keep using them anymore even if you have the funds for an upgrade. But rather than just tossing these devices in the trash like so many people are doing nowadays, why not use that excess cash on something new? What makes this game unique is it teaches you how to repair your broken electronic items and will walk you through many repairing techniques which you can try it out yourself at home. You also can get some lessons from your local repair shop.

The Repair Master 3D game provides the opportunity to design your own workspace. Whether you’re a freelancer or work in an office, this immersive and interactive experience will give players more insight into their working environment as they decorate bookcases, desks, wall paint and other aspects of their personal space with accuracy for optimal performance.

You can stop the advertisements on your device by turning it to airplane mode. This will allow you to play without any interruptions from the game’s sponsors or ads that are built into this game. The game has really taught me many valuable lessons which I am sure will be required later in my life. It is one of the games that really has a unique idea and you must play it to know it.


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