[UNLOCKED] Repair Master 3D MOD (Unlimited Money/Ads Free)

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DeveloperRollic Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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Electronics provide us with a great deal of ease and utility. Electronics, on the other hand, are vulnerable to malfunctions and disruption while in operation. You are in charge of fixing damaged electronics for customers in Repair Master 3D, a fun 3D repair simulation game developed by Rollic Games. It has drawn a vast number of players due to the theme’s relevance to daily life (up to more than 5 million installations).


You play as a repair technician specialised in mobile equipment in Repair Master 3D. Every day, your shop receives a large number of defective electronics. Broken displays, controls, and defective game systems are only a few examples. There are millions of different kinds of defects when it comes to electronic items. Obviously, errors involving the chip, RAM, and circuit board are more difficult to diagnose.


At first game will walk you through to make it easier for you to understand how it works. Repair Master 3D, for example, explains how to open a computer, how to repair damaged components, and how to replace new components. After that, the player must rebuild and reassemble them in order to complete the challenge. You do not, though, need to be concerned with your electronic skills. All you have to do now is delete the pieces seen on the phone, replacing them with new ones, and reassemble it the same way you did when you first opened it.


The challenge becomes more challenging as the level rises. You must perform additional actions in addition to removing and mounting the CPU, such as spraying CPU thermal paste, cleaning the streaks, cleaning the rust, and so on. Plays will earn money after restoring a certain computer. The amount of money refers to the level of difficulty. Around the same time, the technology would open more high-end computers, allowing for more advanced tasks to be completed with greater speed.


Make your office look good.

As a repairman, you should be aware that your working environment has a significant impact on your productivity. Living in a bright and beautiful environment will improve the mood. When playing Repair Master 3D, players will be able to build their own working environment. Bookcases, chairs, wall paint, and other items can all be customised.


The objects for the office, on the other hand, are very costly and not particularly large. You will boost your earnings by viewing an advertisement film, which will triple your bonus. Furthermore, using Tips Box is not a bad thing.


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