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DeveloperGamma Play
Requirements4.1 and up
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No Mods Available

QR & Barcode Scanner Description

QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest, simplest way to scan and decode QR codes. The app’s quick-scan mode will instantly start scanning a code as soon as it comes into view of your camera – no need for any tedious pointing or tapping! And when you want more customization (e.g., turning on flash), all that’s required is one tap away in settings.

There’s no need to press any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. The barcode scanner does it all automatically and fast! Scan QR codes from your phone to find the right contact info for an event you’re attending tomorrow night; scan a product code in order to see if Amazon has this item at cheaper price than Walmart (spoiler: they do); read text messages without unlocking your phone – just point and go. All of these features are available with only one tool that will make life easier on-the-go like never before!

One of the most popular and useful apps in recent history is QR & Barcode Scanner, which will allow you to scan any barcodes or QR codes that come across your path. The app comes with a powerful flashlight feature so it can be used at night time as well. It also has pinch-to-zoom features for scanning even if they are on top of long distances away from your phone camera lens!

Scan your favorite items to find the best deals with QR & Barcode Scanner! This app is a must-have for bargain hunters. It allows you to scan barcodes and compare prices online, in shops, or both at once–saving you time by not having to do all of this manually.

The app scans barcodes quickly and reliably. Some people have the problem when the camera struggles with scanning several bar codes in close proximity to each other, but it is possible to pause the video on your phone or tablet screen for a few seconds so you can highlight which one you wanted scanned first.

How to Install?

One of the greatest perks of using Android is sideloading. Follow the steps below to do the same:

  • As you download the entire file you need to check if it is an .apk file. If it is you need to simply tap on the filename.
  • Now you will be prompted with whether you really want to install the app. Tap on install.
  • .xapk file will have to have to installed in another way. Change the extension of .xapk to .zip and extract it.
  • Now you need to locate the OBB file and move or copy the OBB file to Internal Storage/Android/OBB.
  • Heading back towards the extracted folder you need to install the .apk file following the steps mentioned above.

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