[UNLOCKED] Pull Him Out MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperLion Studios
Requirements4.1 and up
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Recently, Lion Studios has been successful with two puzzle games, both of which are extremely enjoyable: Save the Girl and Clue Hunter. and, Gameloft’s these two exclusive games have each been downloaded over 20 million times and thousands of them have earned five-star ratings on Google Play with millions of reviews. After their first breakthrough, they returned to the studio to refine their earlier ideas and eventually came up with Pull Him Out, a game with very different gameplay.



Pull him out has a storey about a guy who works as an archaeologist that is equally funny and amazing. He had been conducting an archaeological expedition in an isolated location and secret part of the jungle when he came across a map with directions to a lost treasure, leading him on a merry chase. You will lend him your support and have a roadmap to get the jewels as well as help him to traverse the pitfalls of the pyramid. A chamber of molten rock, a vial of mustard gas, and a mummified corpse, is ready to get you.



Also, you are helping him realise his dream of constructing a museum, which will contain the treasures he has obtained during his expeditions.


Many new features have been added to Pull Him Out, including new features found in the Lion Studios versions of the two games. If there are no wrong answers, there are just puzzles which must be jumped over, and pegs which are in the right place. things in that layer would be attracted to the other things by laws of physics, and you must then choose a specific feature of the gets things in that layer using that factor If you can make it to the end of the level intact, you can claim the entire the treasure.


At this level, you are surrounded by puzzles that include one or more games of hot lava. when dropping the cocks and levers to cool the lava, then, then take them out to fully close the fountain


A lot of content has been expanded

Unlike other games, in which treasure is usually has only one thing to be found, in which is a single purpose, this one involves searching for several things as well. At the beginning of the second chapter, you must save a lady who is trapped in a burning house. Do not neglect a protective face gear when you try to put out the fire with water, but take care of it when dealing with poisonous substances. In addition, you should let the gas escape out of the room through the windows. Also, in addition, you can taunt a dog in the process of trying to expand its territory so it doesn’t attack you.


in general, the method used in “Pull Him Out’s” puzzles is very logical and practical But on the other hand, it may have some illogical puzzles. I found a puzzle while playing the second chapter in which I came across a soap. As I didn’t understand it at first, but I found out that soap makes water conductive when it turns it is wet, and keeps you safe from getting shocked.


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