[UNLOCKED] Pull Him Out MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperLion Studios
Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Money

Pull Him Out Description

This story is a hilarious tale about an archaeologist who inadvertently takes on the challenge of solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to find ancient treasure in order to save his loved ones. He encounters lava, poison gas, and even mummies as he traverses through this exotic pyramid! This adventure will keep you guessing at every turn with its unique challenges while never giving up hope for that one last chance–the thrill of discovery waiting right around the corner.
In this game, players are faced with a series of pegs and obstacles. You’ll need to be careful not only about what you pull out first but also where it lands in the next layer down – if something falls into an obstacle like spikes or water that can’t support anything else on top of it, then your entire treasure will get ruined! Pass levels by collecting all three treasures before time runs out so that nobody has their hopes dashed too soon.
The gameplay mechanics make it easy to learn but hard to master! Get ready for some hours of fun, solving puzzles that will put your creativity in full use as you try out new ideas on how best to complete levels with different goals.
Dozens of players have already seen their creations come alive thanks to Pull Him Out’s intuitive design collaboration features which allow games creators from around the world access a whole new creative dimension: sharing level designs through its collaborative tools or co-create by combining multiple gamer-made levels into one challenging experience; even adding unique twists like moving obstacles while playing back at high speed; making sure there’s always something fresh and unexpected waiting.
You’ll be on the hunt for treasure in this game, but it’s not as easy or fun you might think. You have to solve puzzles and avoid traps while making your way through a variety of different locations all with their own set of challenges! It starts out simple enough, where each location has its own unique obstacles that challenge players’ skills at solving problems creatively; however eventually these levels ramp up into something much more difficult than what they were before-so good luck trying to reach that last level without getting stuck just inches away from victory!
This game has all the elements of a good game but it is annoying in the sense that it is filled with ads. Ads will be popping up every now and then sometimes you can’t even skip them right away. The worst part is that many a time you won’t get any extra coins or any other advantage after watching the ads. In my opinion it is the worst game when it comes to ads. I hope the developers become a bit less greedy.

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