[Unlocked] Pokémon Quest MOD 1.0.6 (Unlimited Purchases)

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DeveloperThe Pokemon Company
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Purchases

Pokémon Quest Description

Pokemon Quest is the game that will make almost every 90s kid nostalgic. Pokemon has been one of the most iconic anime series that has been ever produced. Not only you will find all of your favorite Pokemon in this game but you will also be greeted with cube-styled graphics. You can compare it with the graphics of Minecraft. Those who feel that the glass is always half full may feel that the graphics are not up to the mark but in my opinion, it makes the game much more immersive. As a player, one can better connect to this imaginary world of Tumblecube Island where you need to attract and collect as many Pokemon as you can. Pokemon on this island are very smart and will only come to you if you can do all things right.

To attract the Pokemons you need to cook good food for them. However, it is not a problem in this game since there is a hell of a lot of ingredients that you could use in different combinations to make something delicious for them. Every Pokemon is different and your cooking style might attract only a certain type of Pokemon so keep that in mind. It might get annoying at times that every time you are getting the same Pokemon but you need to keep doing your work and you will find the one that you have desired.

The Tumblecube island is huge and you will have hours of gameplay while you are just exploring it. The interesting thing, however, is the fact that there are many hidden treasures on this island and if you can collect them then you can improve the performance of your Pokemon’s abilities significantly. This will help you in fights with other Pokemon owners or tournaments that are regularly held on this island. If you ever feel bored then you can play in these tournaments.

You can also build your camps on this island. Camps will help you in staying over at night and also help you to keep your Pokemons. Cooking will also become easier under a shelter. You can also purchase decorations for your camps. Although, it is not mandatory to buy decorations you can do it since it keeps your Pokemon happy. In my case, if my Pokemons are happy then I am happy.

There are over 150 Pokemons in this game and all of them have their unique abilities and strengths. There are many Pokemons who could do multiple types of attacks and these are the ones you should be looking for. Also, Pokemons with multiple abilities are rarer and you will have to play for hours before you find one. This might get annoying when you are in a hurry but it is worth the effort. The developers of the game are continuously adding new levels which are great in my opinion.

The game has a unique storyline and you will get invested in it once you start playing. Also, one more interesting thing is the fact that this game can have multiple endings, and that depends on the choices you make during the game. It greatly increases the replay value as compared to other Pokemon games. There are many endings and I was only able to explore 10 of them after playing more than a dozen times. I am sure you will find many more interesting endings in this game. The sound effects are inspired by the original Pokemon series and it adds to that nostalgic feeling. The Pokemons also talk in their signature style. Overall, it is a great game and worth trying out.

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