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Plex: Stream Free Movies & Watch Live TV Shows Now Description

Thanks to Plex, now you can watch movies and TV shows without a subscription. No matter where life takes your travels or what device they have in their hand at the moment: mobile phone, tablet computer or laptop – with just one account users gain access to 180+ channels of live TV plus full-length films from studios like Warner Brothers, MGM Lionsgate and more! From anime favorites new releases documentaries; it’s all free on Plex.

Plex is your one stop destination for all of the things you love to watch. You can watch TV series that are old or new and discover a whole bunch more with Plex’s streaming services. Live television channels and shows await, just waiting on demand! Take control over what you want to see anywhere in the world—even when away from home without any extra fussing around necessary thanks to live-streaming capabilities. You will get access 24/7 to HD streams so crystal clear it feels like they’re right there beside you. Video news partners CBS, Financial Times, Euronews also cater to those who are there on Plex only for news.

When you need to share your media with friends and family from across the country, Plex lets you stream it right to them. You can control what others see by adding profiles for each person in your household so that they only get access to their own files!

Plex is a way of storing all of those pictures, music tracks, movies or TV shows on one central device which will let people enjoy these through any connected screen: laptops and desktops as well as tablets such as iPads or Android-powered devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet when its available later this year. This means that if someone wants something new then there are opportunities for discovery – find out more about podcasts and other audio content.

I have been using this program for a long time now and I love how well it works. This has really changed the way that I watch movies because not only can you see them on your computer. There are not many apps on PlayStore like this. It also has a decent rating of 4.2 at the time of writing. I have not faced any issues with the app so far. Hope the developers keep continuing to maintain this awesome app.

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