[UNLOCKED] PK XD MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperPlayKids Inc
Requirements4.4 and up
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a smartphone edition of a social network Most significantly, users should be able to freely walk across the virtual environment. This is an interaction type of social network with avatars, where people can also use virtual houses to decorate and perform tasks on each other’s property, and single or multiplayer games. PK-XD can be thought of as a different sandbox, where players can use their heroes to go and do something within the rules of that world. it secures data well, which favourably differentiates it from other games


The reader should take control of their own writing and create their own character.


It is necessary to build your character in Avakin Life at the beginning. The game’s resources are impressive when it comes to helping you make an almost complete virtual copy of your face. You can buy the clothes that your character starts with in the character editor. When you start with money, you can use it on the oddest projects, but the best use of your money is to redesign the home.

Build your dream house


here, the house will be your entry point of departure to the wonderful world Changing the design of your home begins with selecting a design prototype. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but it offers more models as you remain in this setting. Using a special interface, you can access the virtual reality room editing mode.


This mode in pkxd splits your room spaces into squares and enables you to put furniture in them We’re unable to search only a classic bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, toilet, and sideboard but numerous decorative objects such as balloons, sculptures, and in-flatable pools, in addition

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