[UNLOCKED] Mystic Gunner: Roguelike Shooting MOD (Unlimited Money/Many Features)

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DeveloperBuff Studio (Story Games Calm Games)
Requirements7.0 and up
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Unlimited Money/Many Features

Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action Description

The world used to be a nice place sometime ago, peace prevailed in the countries and there was no powerful evil that could have disrupted the lives of human. However, things are not the same now and the people living in the world are not at peace. The things have gotten bad and the evil have taken over it. The hopes are getting lost and there is no one that is standing up to make the situation calm again and restore the glory of the place. This is the premise of Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action.

No one is showing up to restore normalcy, not understanding the fact that everyone is going to die sooner than later. The player in this scenario will have to rise up to the situation and take everything in their hands. The world has been attacked by monsters who are not only dangerous to humans but also have the potential to destroy everything in between. Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action is intense and so you will have to remain as alert as possible.

At each step of yours, you will met enemies who are looking forward to destroy you so that you are unable to save the world and they remain on their path of destruction. The game has a lot of challenges that might seem a bit new to you but as you start understanding things, you will not face any problem. Gear yourself up and brush up your skills because the player should not have mercy on the monsters, shoot them before they reach you. The game gives you a lot of opportunities to explore the unknown. You can visit unknown and desserted places, the player will face a lot of unknown situations which will shape his/her personality. The player will always get to an unknown random generated place and he/she will have to fight in this unknown to win.

The monsters will have different attacking styles, understanding them well will help the player to a great extent. Not all is bad and apart from the fact that the player will meet unknown enemies, the player will come across a lot of resources and new weapons. These resources will help the player in making their skills stronger and the new weapons will be helpful in fighting down the enemies with lesser number of bullets. The efficiency of the weapon will increase and you will have to use it more carefully so that you don’t hurt the innocent. The game has been developed by Buff Studio. This studio has been linked with some other good and famous games.

The audio effects of the game are also quite immersive. The experience of the game is pretty engaging and the roguelike elements of the game make it more interesting. The graphics of the game is also quite acceptable. It has a cartoon-ish vibe attached to it and the player will enjoy the game quite a lot. The character of the game is also quite skilled, it can perform different actions according to the situation like dodging, chain jumping, grenade throwing and a lot more.

The monsters will also have bosses. These bosses will be hard to defeat but each one of them will have a unique fixed pattern which when acknowledged will become easy for the player to defeat. The player will also be entitled to a lot of rewards, like daily login rewards, daily quests and some battle passes as well. The gameplay is very straightforward and nothing there will confuse you.

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