[UNLOCKED] My Talking Hank MOD (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Requirements4.1 and up
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My Talking Hank is a free pet-care game developed by Outfit7. After a string of successes with My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, and Talking Tom and Friends, Outfit7 wishes to reaffirm their status with the adorable puppy Hank from the Android game My Talking Hank. Let’s download the Android game My Talking Hank and begin our journey to the island with this adorable puppy.



We’ll look after our puppy and tour the island of Hawaii, which is teeming with adorable animals. Hank puppy’s new mission is to photograph as many animals as possible to add to Hank’s album. Not only is Hank’s picture meticulously crafted, but the animals here are also meticulously managed to create a beautiful game room.


As with My Talking Tom, we will care for the Hank puppy by feeding it, assisting it in going to the bathroom, bathing it, and putting it to sleep, as well as waking it up each day to ensure puppy’s wellbeing. However, players can engage in a variety of fascinating tasks to support the puppy’s love for photography.


Each level of the game unlocks a new location to attract the animals, which Hank can photograph. To convince them to remain still, you must prepare food and toys to entice them out. We need at least one photograph of each animal for Hank to add to the pet photo collection on Hawaii.


To purchase and show the items at the newly unlocked spot, players must use gold coins – denoted by the puppy’s footmark – the more costly the object, the rarer the animal we attract. Each animal will remain at the object’s location for a specified amount of time, allowing Hank to photograph the various moments that satisfy him the most. Each animal requires only one photograph in a single location, which means that the next time you photograph the animal, you will have to decide which photograph to keep.



Players have a lot to do when Hank is sleeping. To earn money as easily as possible, you can play mini-games or watch videos in order to join a lucky rotation. This lucky rotation has a variety of denominations available, including gold and diamonds; fortunately, you will earn up to 1000 gold coins or 60 diamonds.


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