[UNLOCKED] My Talking Hank MOD (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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MOD Features

Unlimited Coins/Diamonds

My Talking Hank Description

My Talking Hank’s sister apps My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela had already taken the world by storm. Now their developers are back at it again, this time introducing a new talking app called My Talking Hank! This time you get to join Hank as he explores Hawaii in search of adventure and photography. His skills await your guidance – get to know him through his thoughts or even turn off the sound if you prefer not to hear what’s going on inside everyone’s favorite cat’s head!

You can adopt your very own Hank, little cute baby puppy. He is one of a kind! A pup so sweet you can’t look away from him for too long. Take care of Hank and make sure he has everything that any other new pet needs to be happy – food, water, toilet breaks (he might need more than most) and plenty of rest under the stars in his hammock swing bed while listening to soft lullabies by night or during day time play sessions with squeaky toys!

Hank had always loved photography, so he set out to travel the island and take pictures of its many wild animals. There’s a fluffy white bunny for starters, but it doesn’t stop there! From gangster hip hop hippos to silly flamingos galore- Hank has collected photos of all animals from all angles across the entire island.

You won’t believe the laughter you’ll have with Hank, a talking puppy! He will repeat everything that you say in his hilarious voice. You can also interact and play games with him like any other virtual pet app or kitty collector game – but this one is way more fun because you can do so much with it.

This game saved me a ton of personal time. Here is how: My sister is always asking for a puppy, but I don’t have one. She gets really sad when she sees me playing games on my phone and feels left out because we can’t play together anymore. Talking Hank comes to the rescue. With this game there has never been any more Sadie-puppy moments where our house has been so quiet that you can hear her wambling by herself in another room or crying at night from not being able to play with me. She enjoys the game and never disturbs anyone in the house. Awesome game for kids.


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