[UNLOCKED] My Talking Angela 2 MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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My Talking Angela 2 Description

Talking games have gotten famous in the last decade and people have found such games fun. My talking Tom was the first one that got very successful and gathered a lot of audience. Outfit7, the creators who made My talking Tom have now brought in something new and this one is called My talking Angela 2, you might be wondering who is Angela!!! The answers to that is a bit of a shocker because she is the girlfriend of Tom.

The Tom whom you loved talking to has now gotten a girlfriend and while you might get a bit jealous, you should be happy because even you can talk to her. My talking Angela 2 is a fun and interactive game that lets you talk and enjoy even at the time when you are feeling lonely. Humans are social beings and they do love interacting with different people, this can be labelled as their innate need where being lonely is not a choice until and unless you are an extremely introverted personality.

My talking Angela 2 can be also seen as an upgradation to the talking Tom because this game brings in a lot of other functionalities as well over the previous game. It is more interactive and more colorful. Angela can bring a lot of happiness to your life, she will do everything for you. She knows how to dance, how to sing and a lot more. She is cheerful and cosy with anyone. She will always try to make you happy and no matter how rudely you talk to her, she will always feed you with the love and compassion that she possesses.

The game has become a lot more colorful than before and the developers have used all the more saturated and punchy colors that please our eyes. My talking Angela mod APK unlocks all of the features and lets you use the game in its full potential without any issues or any cost related to it.

The game gives you a lot of things that you can use to make things even more beautiful. It offers a kitchen that is full of food that you can feed her and make her tummy happy, there are closets that are full of beautiful clothes that you can use to dress her and if you know, you know that beautiful dresses are the keys to a woman’s heart. Additionally there ia huge variety of makeup elements that are present in the game, you can use it to make her even more beautiful and cute.

Use all of what you can to make her the most beautiful girl. You can also let her play games because it is present in abundance there. Each of the elements in the game are well designed and have a particular reason to it. They are crafted so good that they will give you a feeling of wholesomeness. The graphics of the game is also quite great and the functionality isn’t restricted by any means since this is a modded version. You can play this game at any place and at any point in time. This game is meant for all the age groups because all of what it teaches is related to love and compassion. There is no violence and no drama associated with it. It might feel a bit too good but it is what it is and honestly we would surely recommend you this game for the feel good factor that it offers.

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