[UNLOCKED] Merge Mayor MOD (Unlimited Diamonds

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DeveloperStarBerry Games
Requirements5.0 and up
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Unlimited Diamonds

Merge Mayor – Match Puzzle Description

Sometimes in our lives, we all think how cool it would be to be an owner of a thing like a car, house, and other things. But when we grow up to be an adult, we get to know how difficult it is to get the things we want or fulfil our expectations. This game gives a feeling like that, and we become the Mayor of the gaming world.

The game is Merge Mayor – Match Puzzle. This game is very different from other puzzle games because this is very much interesting and also very good for the user experience. At the beginning of the game, when you first login into the game then the, you start with just a few items and with time, when you start completing the missions and other daily activities and quests, your fee items will grow into town than to a city and then to a metropolitan city and beyond.

For this, you need merging, crafting, and power to build the towns and other things. This game is mainly to relax and enjoy the pleasure of free time and be happy to enjoy life. The game has 3D graphics, which gives an edge to the game over its competitors, and that’s why it is being downloaded like hot cakes in the app store or Google Play Store. You can solve the puzzles, unlock the hidden words, and boom gives you a pass to a new level.

This game has endless levels and is a perfect example to enjoy a pleasant time peacefully and be happy. The more you finish the mission, quests, activities, the more you earn rewards from which you can buy different things available in the game. Another reason for the game to be popular is that it is free tk play available in the App Store and Play Store. Some limited-time custom events have unique gifts for the users and exclusive rewards; some secrets are hidden in the game open on time when you finish many missions.

The graphics of the game are okish type, and also there can be improved to a much better quality; a just above 3D level can do the trick. Otherwise, the sound effects of the game are okish type and can be customised from time to time in the game and also it is enjoyable to hear. It also has the features of both online and offline mode, which also attract new players to play the game.

The controls of the game are straightforward to use and manoeuvre, and also any new player can also learn the game in significantly less time. This game is different from the other game types like the fighting game, freeride games, racing games and you can play it when you are free and release stress by not taking a load to finish the mission given to you as it can be played again if you fail. This was my review for this game, and it was my opinion about how I felt after playing the game.

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