[UNLOCKED] Merge Matters MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGreenPixel Ltd
Requirements4.4 and up
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Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist Video


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Unlimited Money

Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist Description

Emily is an architect who designed a magnificent home on the coast of Spain, but she never had time to enjoy it with her husband and child. One day they returned from their daily errands only to find that someone had broken in while Emily was out – not just ransacking the place for valuables like most burglars would do. The family’s life quickly turned into one giant mystery when her husband Oscar disappeared shortly after receiving mysterious letters containing nothing more than cryptic messages. Now all alone, can Emily restore today’s world as well?

In this game you will be required to clean up the building and reconnect Emily with her husband. You will meet many people throughout this experience, including bank officers who want their money back from Oscar’s company, detectives investigating his disappearance – new evidence is uncovered in each chapter! As you work your way through fixing faucets and wiring circuits together, clearing furniture of broken pieces that got moved around – it becomes clear how much love there really is between these two individuals: they always seemed so happy living here–they even have friends over sometimes.

Emily and Oscar just bought her first house but she can’t find time to clean it up. Help Emily decorate the new place from top-to-bottom and make sure everything matches! Become a professional interior designer in this interactive game, design different rooms with multiple styles of furniture, or try unique design combinations. With your help as an expert designer and cleaner you are bound to turn that empty home into something beautiful for Oscar’s return.

This game is so good! I’m glad I found it, but as an offline gamer who plays sparingly on the train or while waiting for something to happen in real life (like going through security at the airport), this would be more convenient if there was also a version to play offline.

This mobile app must have been developed by people who are really passionate about their work because they went out of their way to create different levels and challenges which keep me coming back day after day. You must try it out to know it yourself!

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