[Unlocked] Manor Cafe MOD 1.144.20 (Unlimited Lives/Coins/Stars)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Lives/Coins/Stars

Manor Cafe Description

Manor cafe is not your typical match 3 puzzle game. It is unique in the sense that it combines designing and match 3 puzzles into one phenomenal package that could give you hours of entertainment. You will really enjoy match 3 puzzles as the creators have used vibrant colors, super power ups and much more. Unlike other games it is not only about match 3 puzzle games. It features lovely characters and a very interesting storyline as you start playing this game. You will feel connected with the characters and it will be like as if you are interacting on with them in real life. I specifically mentioned this because there are not many games that could implement it as beautifully as this one.

You will start off as the owner of a second hand restaurant. The restaurant is not in a very good shape, to say the least. The lightings are damaged, the walls are leaking with fungus being stuck over them, the furniture is old and some of them are broken. Overall it might seem very discouraging to renovate the restaurant as you start off. Things will soon get better but then you have to invest a substantial amount of time in the game. You will most likely feel like an entrepreneur as you try to renovate your restaurant and bring it back to its glorious days.

To renovate the hotel you need to collect coins and buy all the necessary equipment, hire contract workers and professionals. Each match 3 puzzle will give you tons of coins and you could use it to make the process a bit faster. This game also has the option to buy extra coins if you don’t want to play 100s of levels. Although, if you decide to buy the coins it will make the game a bit too easy and there is no point playing the game that way in my opinion. If you really want to take on the thrill of playing this game you need to play it without spending a dime. There are many things that is simply phenomenal about this game.

As you play the game you will meet with really interesting characters. The most interesting of them is the chef. He is a very angry character and he will always get in your way whenever you try to do something new. He is very resistant to change and that makes him very difficult to work with. Don’t get me wrong though as you will have the most interesting conversation with this character only. He will often rant about your working style and it is really funny to listen to it. All the while he is very sweet at heart and the most loyal member of your team. Other characters are interesting too and you will have a good time interacting with them as well.

The graphics of the game is great and it really seems that the designing team had thought upon every single detail of the game. The characters of the game are in 3D and you feel as if cartoons have come up in real life. The designs are pretty consistent across the game. The sound effects of the game are also realistic and it heavily complements the graphics of the game.

I have been playing this game for quite sometime now and I am pleased to inform you that this game will not disappoint you. Manor Cafe is really not a typical match 3 game as it mixes in elements of role playing games combined with a fantastic story line. The ads are also taken great care off as it pops up rarely. You could however view the ads for extra power ups and coins if you want to. I hope the developers keep this game in great shape.

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