[UNLOCKED] Maleficent Free Fall MOD 9.18 (Unlimited Bottles)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Bottles

Maleficent Free Fall Description

Maleficent Free Fall is a challenging and exciting puzzle-adventure. You’ll embark on an epic journey inspired by the live action film Maleficent with fun objectives you’ve never seen before!

Maleficent was always one to try and learn magic in difficulty. Before she became a powerful dark witch, Maleficent Free Fall is set at the time when she still had an interest for all things magical. The game follows her journey as you help her study all forms of magic so that she may become the most evil mastermind in history! Facing dangers on both sides – from other students who are jealous or disapproving about this new young upstart learning their tricks before they do, to enemies plotting against your kingdom’s safety-Malifcent must keep vigilant with quick wits and cunning; will it be enough?

Maleficent will learn how to cast spells as you unlock the mysteries of match 3 puzzles. She can summon her sidekick Diaval, controlling branches with black magic and using green magic for assistance on destroying bricks. Strength is something that grows over time – it’ll take a while before she gets enough power in her hands!

Maleficent Free Fall is a classic match 3 puzzle game with some clever twists. You will try to put bricks together to destroy them, score points or perform tasks but the quests will be provided by the system before and serve as goals you must overcome in order to unlock new levels. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, when you match multiple bricks at once special effects and items appear! They can help you destroy large amounts of nearby blocks vertically or horizontally just apply your ability observe matched patterns carefully

Maleficent has some magic. She also continually learned more spells during her experience and exploration of Maleficent Free Fall. You can apply these spells to your advantage, such as breaking all stones of the same color or following certain rules like collecting stones in a specific order that you want them broken by going from left-to-right on the board for example (i.e., blue stone first then green).

The great thing about this game is not only does it have instructions but there are spell cards with each type which give much needed help when one cannot remember what they need to do next!

I usually have nothing to do at home, and I’ve been playing this game every day for the past few months. But after more than 1000 levels, it’s suddenly not working! It keeps crashing when I try opening it up; can you please fix that? Thanks a lot but even though there are some glitches in gameplay, overall its really enjoyable and deserves a huge round of applause because of good graphics. One thing that I would like to mention is the fact that the coding standards of the developers is awesome. I can say it even without looking at the code because this finished product is truly awesome.

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