[UNLOCKED] Idle Toilet Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Currency)

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DeveloperBarley Game
Requirements5.0 and up
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Toilet Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Currency

Toilet Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game Description

Toilet Empire Tycoon is a simulator business game with the theme of toilet! You will be managing and operating this global chain. Start from running one block, improve quality of life for landlord and residents by upgrading bathrooms, then reach peak career as you create your own unique toilets experience with dedication and hard-work.

You can become a “toilet emperor” or an outstanding one! To run the business you need to pay attention to details, upgrade the toilet facilities in order for them to be more comfortable and convenient; expand toilets by adding new ones at least once per year in an area on average so that customer satisfaction is met. Try to offer unique services such as providing water filters which would improve hygiene standards significantly and make yours stand out from other public toilets around. If there’s time left over after doing all of this work then come up with some business strategies- for example reinvesting income received back into rebuilding sewers and things which will grow your business.

When you start out in the game toilets will be the primary offerings of your business. To make sure you’re set up for success, remember to provide open-air restaurants and cafes as well as some entertainment options like cricket courts or playgrounds nearby.
You can always DIY by thinking of all sorts of different toilet services that could be offered such as airport toilets, nightclubs with designated restrooms, zoos (for those animal lovers), and much more; just keep in mind local conditions so everything’s ready to go before it becomes too overwhelming trying to modify an existing blueprint into something new while still catering each idea accordingly–plus this way there won’t be any nasty surprises down the road which may ruin your business.

A toilet business is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to take on tasks from data analysis and forecasting, all while trying your best in developing toilet industry chains! Imagine a world without peeing or washing hands– would it be too hard? You have to have what it takes to feel like an expert when you use such good management techniques as making important decisions, so go ahead and get started today.

The game has a really unique touch when it comes to Idle Tycoon like games. The gameplay is simple yet you need to use strategy to grow your business. This is the best option if you are tired of playing traditional games.


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