[UNLOCKED] Idle Hospital Tycoon MOD 2.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Idle Frenzied Hospital Tycoon Description

You are a hospital owner and you want to establish the best one. You need to make upgrades, adjust your medical products and explore new technologies in order for it succeed. Upgrade rooms with more beds or research better equipment that will help patients get well faster so they can leave sooner.

Apart from the owner you could also feel like a manager in this game. In this game, players can explore the entire facility and all of its different departments which each serve their own function: Cleaners clean up while Doctors heal patients; Nurses provide medication to cure diseases or injuries; Security guards keep things safe from thieves–or at least try! There’s also Research & Development for new gadgets that cost money but save time later on down the line. And don’t forget about your finances either—make sure they’re balanced with both expenses (like food) and incomes (like how much is left over after tending to everyone else).

You can start by taking control of a hospital. You’ll need to make sure that the departments you have are all running smoothly and efficiently, so be aware when it comes time to hire doctors or purchase new equipment. A successful general manager will know exactly how best to utilize their resources for maximum performance.

With a wide range of activities to choose from, there are plenty of ways for you to work with your staff. You can recruit the best doctors and take good care of them by setting policies that will improve their health and skills while also utilising their abilities in order get the most out of them at any given time. Don’t forget that working on these relationships together is going to be what drives success for everyone!

You can now fully customize your hospital to suit the needs of every patient with this game that lets you design and decorate as freely as you want. You can use different character setups in each room, giving it an individualized feel for everyone who walks through its doors. Giving rooms their own personality will make sure no one is ever bored waiting for treatment!

I’m so glad this game is not the kind where you have to spend hours doing a level over and over again before progressing. I sometimes find those games frustrating because it’s hard just waiting for that one in-game achievement or item drops while having watched dozens of videos ads on some other apps.


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