[UNLOCKED] Idle Firefighter Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperKolibri Games
Requirements5.0 and up
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Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager Description

Become an idle tycoon by becoming a firefighter and managing your own fire station. You can hire drivers or drive yourself around with big trucks in this rescue simulation game!

In this game, you are a fire chief who must take control of emergency units and incident telephone calls. Handle the needs at your facility to expand it with new additions such as headquarters or parking for important vehicles like fuel trucks. Make appropriate decisions in order to improve areas within your business including increase responsiveness by customizing buildings and installing equipment that will save lives!

Your firefighters in the game are the unsung heroes of the city. They work tirelessly to keep it safe from fire, but when not fighting fires they’re sitting at home wasting their time and your money because your office is too small for them! Expand your station with a new engine bay that will make your firefighters more productive. Idle Firefighter now comes equipped with managers who can earn as much cash as possible through investments until you become rich enough to retire. You’ll be able to create groups made up of 3 different classes: Captain, Engineer or Firefighter which each have specialized roles on the battlefield making this firefighter simulation game quite an engaging one compared other clicker games out there.

The graphics of this game are realistic, vibrant colors make you feel excited, and energetic, it also gives a much needed optimism boost of someone who has responsibility for managing the firestation on his shoulders. Details are small because many things need to be shown at once but they’re always clear; I especially love how everything moves in this game: it’s fast, smooth and doesn’t waste any time waiting around!

Prepare for an exciting time as you manage your own fire department and put out fires across the city. Use what resources are available to upgrade vehicles, buildings, equipment, or even deploy new departments in order to turn a profit. There are many levels of varying difficulty and plenty of different obstacles on each level which really makes it a fun and enjoyable game in my opinion.

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