[UNLOCKED] Hungry Shark Evolution MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival game Description

Hungry Shark Evolution mod APK is one of the most funny game that we have come across. Here the player’s character is a shark that is always hungry and looking for something to eat. The previous version of the game had 3 types of sharks that looked different to each other and were different in the way they reacted to different situations.

In this newer version, the developers have added 3 more versions of sharks some of which look cute while the others look angry and ferocious. The game is so built that your aim is to survive in the ocean no matter what. Since the shark remains hungry most of the times, you will have to eat all the small fishes around you in order to survive. It has a lot to do with nature’s selection for survival.

Hungry Shark Evolution is full of drama and comedy with a bit of challenges that will come your way on a regular basis. Your aim will also be to collect as many points as possible, more points will surely convert to bigger rewards and who doesn’t like rewards!!! The game has that cartoon-ish tint to it and all the characters have been made in that particular way. The game has a lot of features and everything in it works without any problem.

You will be enjoying every bit of it. The graphics are good enough that you will be able to enjoy it. The game has one awesome functionality which gives you a chance to teleport to a completely different place. As you swim across the ocean, you will come across some portals and these portals are the ones that possess the mechanism of teleporting. In this game, the player will have to keep a check on his energy levels because drastically low levels will mean death.

You will have to plan all your attacks as well because if you attack while you are weak, then you will be doomed to failure and the enemies will attack on you to make sure that you have no options left rather than to die. Your health will keep reducing on its own even if no one is attacking you, in order to prevent this you will have to eat more and more. You have to work with strategy because not all enemies need to be attacked, some can be left for the future as well.

If you remain alive, you will be able to find a lot of new creatures that you might have never seen. You can have them as your food source or collect it for future use. The player will surely enjoy collecting a lot of resources that will not only be useful but can also be used for unlocking a lot of other game items.

Collecting resources and using it for upgrading takes time so the player will have to be patient, however, there is also a state called Gold Rush where the shark will be performing at the maximum potential, there will be no blood loss and you will be able concentrate wholly on eating all the fishes around you. The game is enticing and anyone who loves strategic games with some tint of fun will surely love it.

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