[Unlocked] Hills of Steel 2 MOD 3.3.0 (No Cooldown)

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DeveloperSuperplus Games
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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No Cooldown

Hills of Steel 2 Description

In Hills of Steel 2, you will face off against your enemies in an attempt to conquer the hills and avoid getting crushed by their tanks. Moving is as simple as pressing back and forth on two buttons at all times so be prepared for some fierce battles!

In the game Hills of Steel 2, avoid positioning near cliffs or other ledges that can hamper your mobility. The tank you’re piloting will always shoot in a certain direction, so make sure to take advantage by shooting at enemies from an angle where they cannot reach. Sometimes even if someone manages to sneak behind you and attack you with their turret gun; don’t worry about it! Let one of your teammates handle them because as long as there’s only one person attacking you, your teammate can help to kill them while you take the damage.

The first mode is called “Domination.” In this game type, each team will have a 3v3 match but the condition to win is that you need to capture your opponent’s flag and get 100 points for it. The two teams fight fiercely so they can gain possession of the flags which could turn around their destiny. Killing an enemy does not count as progress towards completing your mission objective in Domination Mode because there are no respawns allowed until one side has been eliminated completely from play (i.e., when all players on either team die).
In Survivor Mode, up to three people may be part of a single player’s squad or “team,” with missions focusing on survival rather than elimination-style gameplay found in other game modes.

If you’ve been playing the game, then I bet you love getting rewards just for showing up. And what better way to get rewarded than with some gold?! The more difficult a match is and if your team wins, the higher amount of gold that will be given at the end! You can use this coin on items in-game. But don’t forget about loot boxes too – they’ll have different types of currency inside so play enough matches and open those boxes! Some may also contain rare cards which are perfect when opening crates. If taking time isn’t really an option but you still need something quick: gems can shorten opening times by hours instead. You may need to buy them if you don’t have enough.

To be honest, I really enjoyed my time with the app. The new tanks and weapons were a blast to use! And it was cool how you could chat with friends while playing too… but there are some things that need fixing before this game can truly shine in comparison to other popular games. There are a few glitches here and there which definitely needs a fix before the masses starts playing this game.

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