[Unlocked] Guns of Glory MOD 8.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperFunPlus International AG
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask Description

Guns of Glory is a strategic war game that not only helps you develop your critical thinking but is also quite fun at the same time. It is a storyline-based game where you are required to use your strategy and your army in order to fight evil.

The story involves a king, a cardinal, and you. The king has been killed by the cardinal with the help of his army, he has made an alliance with the dark arts and has thus become really powerful. Now, since the king is no more, the cardinal aims to take over the kingdom and spread his evilness into society. There is no one to save the kingdom from the clutches of the evil cardinal and the only hope seems to be you!!!

You are a prisoner, hidden from the world and lying somewhere in the deep bowels of bastille. You are locked behind an iron mask and the first thing you need to do is ESCAPE. You will have to escape, survive and then stand in the cardinal’s way. Your past isn’t really good but you have got the opportunity to change the future for yourself and become a hero for society. You can’t do it alone, you will have to build your army, train them and then step into the battleground. You will also need a brilliant strategy in order to defend yourself and also a great one to attack them.

The game involves a lot of thrill and a lot of risks as well. This is a multiplayer game and you can play it with different people who have the same thought process as you, you can choose your ally from across the globe and then make a plan to dominate your enemies. You will have the whole of the castle to own yourself, you can use different buildings to train your army and keep them posted so they can defend against an attack from any direction. You will have great weapons at your disposal, use them and make your enemies regret their attack on you. Your aim is to defend the castle at all costs. This game is so engaging and interesting that you will love playing it.

The game also teaches you the value of time management as well as team management both of which are really important in your real life. It also teaches you diplomacy, you might not be on the same page with your allies but since your aim is to defend the castle, you will have to keep up the spirit and be with them until you have not defeated the cardinal. Time management will be important because you cannot train your army or make strategies forever, you will have to execute it at the right time, or else you will lose it. Team management is similarly important because attacks can happen any time and if your army isn’t ready or if the roles aren’t clearly defined, the enemies will win over you and make you a slave. You will have to be careful and use your resources thoughtfully in order to dominate the battlefield. You will also get special aircraft so that you can surprise your enemy with air attacks and scare them to the core.

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