[UNLOCKED] Gear Race 3D MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

Gear Race 3D Description

Do you love speed? Do you like racing games? Gear Race is a perfect choice for you.

  • The game features high speed, fast in game controls, and an awesome graphics that will keep your eyes glued to the screen
  • Gear Race brings both old school arcade feeling as well as modern neon lighting effects together to create one of best looking racing games on Android device
  • In this game shifting gear at the right time is the key to win.
  • Gear Race offers you both single player and multiplayer mode, so it will be perfect for everyone. You can play against your friends or race with time limit on a global leaderboard.
  • This game is really easy to learn but hard to master!
  • The game has 3D graphics and super cool mechanics, it is really addictive and worth to download for free.

Gear Race also has cool features like car customization that allows you to upgrade cars from motors, tires, suspension system and even spoiler as well as new levels are coming soon! You can spend hours of fun with Gear Race while bettering yourself at the same time. It’s an exciting game where each level becomes more difficult than last one which makes it impossible to put down ! As its name implies – gear race requires skillful shifting gears at right moment . If you want a nice racing game then Gear Race 3D is the perfect game for you.

Shifting gears at the right time is a necessary skill in drag races to maximize acceleration and protect the engine. Gear Race has a decent physics system that takes into account clutch, throttle, gearbox ratios and weight distribution of your vehicle to make shifting gears an interesting challenge rather than just picking one from the menu .

Braking at the right time is also important to maintain momentum and to avoid spinning out of control. Gear Race offers a lot of different cars from which you can choose the one that suits your driving style .

The Gear Race 3D tracks are a feast for the eyes, changing with every level to new and intriguing colours. In addition to these eye-catching features, there is even more going on in this game: Every five levels you will be racing against an intimidating boss who requires all your skills just like that previous one did! Don’t worry though; each time you win they give up a reward such as money or rare cars which can come in handy during future races.

Gear Race has been downloaded more than 10000000+ times by Android users all over the world ! For this reason, it is an excellent game for every car lover!

Gear Race does not offer any in-app purchases at the time of writing. But there are ads to support the development of this game!

The only thing that is fun about this game are the cars and you can get them by playing. The problem with me was that I did not want to update my car so it became a chore after downloading, but if your able to just play then its still an addictive game like before!

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