[UNLOCKED] Freelancer Simulator 2: Idle Startup Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Freelancer Simulator 2: Idle Startup Simulator Description

People are followers, followers without logic. If you notice the world around you, you will find out that people don’t look beyond jobs or traditional businesses, what I mean to say is that people don’t think of some unique skill that they might be good at, something that can be monetised as well. This game talks exactly about how you can master a skill and make money out of that.

The game that we would like to introduce you to in this article is the Freelance Simulator 2: Idle startup simulator. As the name suggests, this game is all about freelancing which is kind of a midway between a job and a business.

The best thing about being a freelancer is that you own everything in your work from the best things to the worst ones. You are in your control. There is no time boundation or deadlines unlike jobs and you don’t need a huge funding unlike traditional businesses. All of what you want to do can be done in a small room with just the necessary equipments.

The thing about freelance is that it allows you to be a human. On some days, you might not feel like working for more than a few hours and that is completely fine in freelance and while on the other days you might feel like working for 12 hours straight and even that is completely possible because you are the owner of your time. There are a lot of platforms present in this day that will help you sell your skill and earn a handsome amount of money.

The whole narrative of this game is based on how you can start a freelance and make it big possibly starting a company of your own that specializes in a particular skill. The one thing that surely attracts a lot of people towards freelancing is the amount of money that freelancers are able to earn. Freelancing generally pays you a lot more than jobs will ever do. This is a huge benefit when compared to job and freelancers generally charge more because of the fact that they are not are not being employed by you so the aspect os security falls weak.
Becoming a freelance seems easy but it is quite the opposite, freelance requires you to develop and master a particular skill because selling a skill isn’t as easy and you will have to make a lot of effort into convincing people that you have a genuine product that they might need. Moreover, you will have to upgrade your skills with time, because obsolete skills don’t really sell in the freelance market. All of this requires huge amounts of efforts and if you are someone who wants to get into freelance thinking it is easy, then you might be in a big trouble because that is a complete lie.

This game takes you through all of what a freelancer goes through before they start making a good amount of money. Freelance Simulator 2 mod APK also focusses on how you can convert your freelance journey into a start up and make it big. The gameplay is simple and easy and it will take you through this journey that has all the ups and downs that you might face as a freelancer.

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