[Unlocked] Food Truck Chef™ MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperTilting Point
Requirements4.1 and up
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Food Truck Chef™ Tasty Restaurant Cooking Games Video


MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins

Food Truck Chef™ Tasty Restaurant Cooking Games Description

Food Truck Chef Tasty Restaurant Cooking Games is a casual cooking game that focuses on the idea of growing your food truck empire. As you might have already noticed that it is a pretty unique concept and there are very few games on the market that are built on this idea. This game is a boon for those who are interested in cooking. There are over hundreds of dishes ranging from shish kebabs, pizzas, burgers, tacos, steaks, grilled chicken, and much more. If you are a food lover then you are sure to get hooked on this game. There are many mouth-watering dishes and one cannot simply get enough of them.

The interesting aspect of the game is that it also teaches you how to run a business. Running a chain of food trucks is not an easy task by any means. Don’t worry you will start with only one food truck in this game. However, you do have the responsibility to scale it and spread your food trucks globally. Now that is a pretty monumental task. You will need to hire chefs from all over the world so that they could serve your global audience. You will also need to hire managers to look after your widespread food truck business. There will be many barriers as you start scaling your business. One of them being language. Hiring local employees is the key to break that barrier. Local languages help you to connect better to your customers and also help prepare food accordingly. There are many local dishes as well which you will need to take care of.

For the purposes of expanding your business globally, you will also need to travel extensively. You will have to travel to all the famous food streets in the world, some of them are Pasta street, BBQ street, Waffle Street, Tacos Street, Pizza Street and much more. Remember all of these are hypothetical names but they do represent actual famous food streets from all over the world.

Your trucks are the backbone of your business and so you need to take care of them. Remember to do proper maintenance of all your trucks because a single unexpected breakdown will cost you huge sums of money. As your business grows maintaining a lot of trucks will be difficult. For that, you need to hire managers particularly to look after your trucks. Since your business will be a global business you need to hire managers from all over the world. Your trucks are billboards on wheels. Be sure to do proper branding of your trucks. If you are able to do it successfully your business will scale pretty quickly.

There are many things to upgrade in this game ranging from your trucks, food cart, kitchen, and many more. Upgrading them will also let you progress in the game faster. If you ever think that you are being stuck at a particular level then it is a clear indication that you should upgrade your equipment.

There are many weekly challenges in this game. You should participate in it since it will help you become the top chef. There are also many bonuses that you could win in these challenges.

Time management is crucial in this game and you can’t get without it. You need to do everything as efficiently as possible. One easier way to achieve this is to train your staff and hire good managers that will help your business run efficiently.

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