[Unlocked] Flippy Knife MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBeresnev Games
Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Money

Flippy Knife Description

If you are fed up with playing combat or racing games and you want something new, something that you have never played, then Flippy Knife is the game for you because not only is it unique but is also a lot of fun. As the name suggests, this game is all about your knife flipping skills. It is a rare skill and you might have never heard of it simply because not a lot of people try it given the risk that is involved in it.

Learning flipping knife in real life involves a lot of risks and you can end up hurting yourself or the people around you, this game allows you to feed your hunger by bringing it to your mobile screen, you can play it as much as you want and not hurt anybody in the process. Since this is a game, you can be free of worries and learn the skill. The skill in real life is very hard, you might think that it will be much easier in the game but that is simply not the case. The aim is to throw the knife in a way that the blade preferably the tip of the blade lands into the surface of the object you want to penetrate.

Flippy Knife allows you to gain unique experiences and it offers the freedom to manipulate a lot of things according to your interests, you can manipulate the knife or any other object that is present in the game. Flipping the knife can be considered very risky but no matter what opinion do you carry, you will have to agree on the fact that this is an art and it is not the forte of every common man.

The graphics of the game is quite satisfactory and you won’t face any problems due to its quality. The layout is very simple right from the start and there is an inbuilt tutorial that will help you in each and every step making things easy. The controls are also very easy to. operate.

The Flippy Knife is seen in circuses a lot of times where the knife artists display their skills of turning over the knife. This skill looks kind of easy when someone else is doing it but as soon as you try to imitate that act, it becomes difficult and you feel the gravity of performing such an act.

The Flippy Knife provides a lot of levels of gameplay, Pick a simple knife and start with the most basic levels, the game has been designed in a way that the one playing will become more dependent on his skills rather than the items and resources on offer. You cannot really rely on the items to reduce the difficulty of a certain level. At first, you will have to flip a knife on a fixed surface like a piece of wood, once you master this, you can move to a higher level where you will have to flip the knife and make it land on a completely different surface, the motion will be projectile and will thus be more difficult to master.

The difficulty will be increased further by placing objects in between you and your aim, the object will obstruct the motion of the knife and your aim will be to prevent the knife from hitting it. In addition to the knives, there are some other items as well like axes and swords, these are a bit more difficult because of the length and weight they carry, however, flipping them is not an impossible task and you should give it a try. There are a total of 120 blades on offer and 7 legendary knife flip modes to conquer the different levels in this game.

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