[UNLOCKED] F-Stop Gallery Pro MOD (Premium)

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DeveloperSeelye Engineering
Requirements2.2 and up
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F-Stop Gallery Pro Description

There are many types of galleries present in the app store and Google play store, which is very useful for everyone to see the photos and videos you have clicked or sent to you by someone through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, amd any other social media application. Galleries are very useful as they keep the photos and videos in one place at the user’s convenience. All of the phones have an inbuilt gallery of their own, but here is one app that is very different in the market, known as F Stop Gallery.

Using F Stop Gallery helps provide us with many features like; by using it, we can search, tag, and rate the images in our way to make an organized image gallery. We can use it to remove the junk stored in our gallery with everything to get it in a very organized and well-mannered way and also it makes the lightweight and fast. We can use it as an alternative to the Gallery given on the phone. It gives us some professional tools and a very smooth ui experience like clean, which organizes the photos and videos the way we like. The app will provide a clean and beautiful user experience and give us some features like tagging the images and videos to the area, time, etc.

Many other features will be available like sorting, custom navigation drawer, themes such as dark & light, bookmarks for important photos, which will be very helpful to find photos whenever needed efficiently. It is also material designing which is a very efficient tool and helpful for users amd and looks amazing.

Some of the features of F Stop Gallery are that it helps to instantly search photos based on the file name, ratings, camera model, etc. We can also get the photo’s location on the map using F Stop Gallery. An auto-sort function is also available in the app, which helps sort the photos according to date, place, size, and any other aspect. There are different themes available in the app to make the app look fascinating, like dark and light themes are two of the basic ones.

There is also a folder created by the app itself named family, which will place all the family photos in one folder to be hassle-free for the user to find the photos. There is also a folder created by the app itself named faces which creates a folder of similar faces. Exclude the album art folder not to create junk in the gallery. It also easily plays GIFs. We can easily share the photos to any third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, amd any other social media application. It also has a slideshow popular transition type which creates a slideshow of the given folder. We can easily access the favorite folders in a second by using the bookmarks option in the app.

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