[UNLOCKED] Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia MOD (Unlimited Damage)

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Evolution 2: Action games. Offline and online Video


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Unlimited Damage

Evolution 2: Action games. Offline and online Description

Evolution 2: Action Games mod apk is a sequel to the epic game Evolution: Action Games. It is one of those games which utopian people will love. Interestingly, the game is set on a Planet named Utopia. The planet was once the resort of a galactic billionaire who left the planet once he realized the monsters have arrived to destroy the planet. He also took away his friends and family and practically there are no human left on the planet except our heroes.

You will love this game if you love wars between robots, monsters, and zombies. There are advanced weapons that we the Earthlings even could not imagine. These weapons have the power to blow monsters of the size of the Empire State building in one shot. However, you don’t get these weapons in the beginning in the unmodded version of the game. Our Evolution 2 mod apk has everything unlocked and you would love how easy is it to play our version of the game.

The interesting part is that there is also an online mode of the game where you could fight with Evolution 2 players from around the world. You need to push your ranks higher up in the global charts to get huge bonuses that are awaiting for you.

This game is a fusion of all the famous genres you could think of. For instance, this game is a third person shooter, a RPG, and strategy game all at the same time. You don’t have to play a thousand different game for playing all the genres. However, I do want to criticise it on this point. The game tries to be a lot of things and sometimes loses the essence of the plot. I am not against such multi-genre game but I am sure they could have woven the story a bit better. Anyways it is not that bad, and there are millions of people enjoying it around the globe.

The weapons in the game have derived their inspiration from some of the real concept weapons that are yet to come into existence. While the real version of the weapons comes to life you could enjoy them in this game. There are laser guns as well in this game which makes it a bit cartoonish in my opinion. However, if people are loving it then I am no one to judge.

What the developers have absolutely nailed it is the fact the whole setting of the game. The graphics of the game is designed in such a way that you would feel that the world has come to an end and it is now ruled by monsters, and robots. The robots however, are very sophisticated and they engage in tactical combat with you. You need to practice a lot before you could defeat them. There is a free training mode to help you with just that. There are bosses as well which are completely out of the world beings and I could not classify them as human, robot, or monster. They are something completely unique and they will have very distinct powers than our heroes.

You also have the ability to upgrade your base in order to better protect your heroes. They need to be protected because if they die then you will have to restart the game from the last checkpoint. This checkpoint thing can annoy you at times but you need to play it till the end to get the best out of this game.

There are no glitches in the game and the developers are constantly updating it to meet the modern coding standards. They are also adding new levels, weapons, and maps in the game to make your experience even more enjoyable. The adverts are well-managed as well and you will have no problems while playing the game. It is one of the best aspects of the game. You need to download our mod apk to know how amazing the game is.

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