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Requirements4.1 and up
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  • Free Purchases

Earn to Die 2 Description

Earn to die 2 is a fun game where you are required onto the other side of the city in order to survive. Now, you might think about what is so harmful that you need to escape the city in order to survive, the answer to this is simple, this game has zombies that are very destructive in nature, escaping the zombies is your aim, they are very deadly and one mistake of yours might ruin it all. The game is all about driving through the zombie apocalypse so that you are able to survive. Earn to die is a fairly simple game with good graphics and non-complicated gameplay.

The controls are easy to understand and you can operate it without any fuss whatsoever. Going through the city to reach the other end will be quite challenging because not only will you have to combat the zombies but also face obstacles that will be filled in your way. You have to break through them, smash the zombies and reach your destination.

For crossing the levels you will get a very simple vehicle that should be used to kill the zombies, the path that you will be driving on is full of undulations, they are wave-like and moreover, there are obstacles which are breakable but they do reduce your car’s speed, this is particularly worrisome because the amount of fuel you get is very limited and reaching the destination gets really challenging as you encounter the zombies, the inclined slopes as well the heavy obstacles. The controls comprise of just an accelerator pedal, a boost button, and two extra buttons that can be used to make the car lean forward or backward according to the type of obstacle you face. There is an evacuation ship that is waiting for you on the other side of the country, you have to reach it as fast as you can because the ship won’t wait for long.

The developers of the game have introduced a new story mode that is almost 5 times longer than its predecessor, the setting of the game is in the deserts and you are free to dive into the depths of the city infested by zombies. The other game modes happen to be the exploration mode, mission mode, and free ride mode.

The game also offers a number of vehicles, there are a total of 10 vehicles present in the game, you get the option of a sports car, a truck, and even an ice-cream van, all the vehicles can be upgraded and modified according to your wish, you can upgrade the transmission, the engines, the wheels, and the suspension as well. You can also add a turbo to your car to cover large distances in just a fraction of a second.

The turbo is so powerful that it makes your car feel like a ballistic missile, the downside is that the boost remains only for a few seconds and you cannot reach your destination using only the boost, however, judicious use of it will help you in saving your time and thus bringing you a bit closer to your goal. There is also an option of equipping your car with different kinds of weapons, these weapons help in killing the zombies faster making it easier for you to maintain your speed while also smashing them on your way.

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