[Unlocked] Draw The Line 3D MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperSupersonic Studios LTD
Requirements5.0 and up
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Draw The Line 3D Description

Draw the Line is one of the most interesting games that I have discussed recently. The simple reason being that it works upon a very intuitive idea. As the name suggests you need to draw the line. So a natural question that will come up in your mind what for are we drawing those lines? The answer to that question is that you need to save your character from hitting the obstacles. As soon as you start the game the character will be running, you need to draw the path (line) for it, if you don’t do it in time the character will fall.

As you are now equipped with the purpose of constantly drawing lines, now let us move to the characters. You are the only character in the game but with a twist. In this game you could be a rolling ball, a character from the Among Us game, flappy bird, and much such interesting characters from other games. This is something that a lot of people have demanded for other games but none of the developers have responded them. Draw The Line developers are different though as they have included famous characters from all the different games. It makes your gameplay experience much more exciting.

The game is designed in such a way that it helps you improve your reaction time. It is one of the greatest advantage of playing this game. Reaction time helps you in many other aspects of your life such as driving. All the levels of this game have very beautiful backgrounds and it also adds to the overall experience. You will have some power ups in the game by which your character will acquire flying capabilities for a short time. It helps you in the way that your timing of drawing lines will not matter for that short period of time. While you need to take care since the power up ends very abruptly and you may fail that level.

The ad situation in the game is not bad either. The ads are placed very carefully in the game. I am sure the developers are making good money since they have struck the perfect balance between ads and gameplay. There are many other games who are only there on Playstore to make money. I am happy that it is not one of those.

One other thing that I would like to mention is the fact that the game has very nice sound effects. Actually, the background music is kind of funny and it will occasionally give you a chuckle.

The levels of the game progressively gets difficult and at no point you will feel that the levels are too easy or hard. They have done a great job in calibrating the difficulty level. If you want to pass the level without playing it then you could simply watch an ad. However, you cannot pass on two consecutive levels by watching ads. You can also buy some power ups which is always good as an option.

Overall, the developers have done a great job but they need to add some more levels so that everyone has tons of fun gameplay.

How to Install?

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  • Things are a bit trickier for XAPK files. You need to go to your File Manager first. Then you need to change the .xapk file to .zip.
  • After that you need to extract it and copy the OBB file to Internal Storage/Android/OBB.
  • Then you can proceed with the installation of apk file as you would do it for any other app.

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