[UNLOCKED] Dragon City MOD 22.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

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Meta InfoDescription
DeveloperSocial Point
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Dragon City Mobile Description

Ready to collect your own dragon kingdom? This is the game for you. Train dragons, grow your collection and learn how it all works in this awesome “Dragon City” world! Collect tons of cute baby fire-breathing dragons from around the globe, manage farms and make sure they have lots of food too; build habitats that are perfect for them so every one will be happy! With six different types of islands floating high up into the sky waiting just for a Dragon Master like you – what are you waiting for?

You can create a new world of dragons in the game by exploring various elements and making your own hybrids. Meet other dragon masters, create alliances with them to trade orbs or unlock special rewards!

Join forces with other Dragon Masters in the game by joining an Alliance! Interact in the chat, participate in Alliance events, trade Orbs and unlock special rewards.

You can also collect dragons from different types of events to help you expand your collection. Combine Dragons of Fire Nature Pure Legend or many other elements to create unique hybrids then breed them for a stronger dragon family that will protect your city!

Dragon City is a simulation game that allows players to summon dragons from an alternate universe and use them in battle. Summoning these beasts requires collecting orbs which can be found throughout the magical world, unlocked by purchasing chests with coins earned during gameplay or purchased for real money at any time. The strength of each dragon is determined by how many Orbs they possess so it’s important to collect as much energy as possible! As your dragon becomes more powerful you’ll unlock new areas such as Ancient World where ancient temples stand braced against invading hordes.

I am in love with this new game! It’s so addicting and the graphics are really cool. One of my favorite parts is that there are different dragons to ride on, I like going between fire breathing blue dragon and a green one that shoots fireballs. But it does seem hard at first because you need gems for some things which can be difficult to accumulate. I recommend all my readers to try it once.

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