[Unlocked] Don’t get fired MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperQuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Coins

Don’t get fired! Description

Don’t Get Fired is a fun, interactive game that has you manage the life and job of an employee at a company from your phone. You have to do all the things any other person would need to survive on their salary including buying clothes, paying bills for rent or electricity without getting fired!

In this modern survival simulation mobile game developed by QuickTurtle Co., Ltd., players assume the role of employees who are struggling with financial difficulties in real-life workplaces. The objective is simple: make it past retirement by avoiding being fired while making money off your measly income as well as keeping up with social events like dating, going out drinking after work or visiting friends over coffee – but also stay afloat financially so pay day won’t be too.

Some people say that graduating from college is the most depressing moment in a person’s life. As you start the game, it seems impossible to find work when all of the job opportunities are taken by more experienced and qualified candidates who have been around for much longer than yourself. However, this feeling does not last forever because there will always be companies willing to offer their help if they see potential in oneself; never underestimate just how far determination can get one along with an obstacle-filled road ahead!

Just like real life here also it is not uncommon to have a few failed job search experiences as you progress through the game. And while sometimes it can be tough, these episodes are often crucial reminders on how we should do things differently next time around. For example, if you ever experience something in this game like being passed over or overlooked with no explanation whatsoever – don’t let that shake your confidence! Instead use this as an opportunity to reflect and work out what went wrong and strategize with respect to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. And always remember that you it is a game, just remember to learn something about it.

The protagonist’s hair is noticeably thinning, and while the character never speaks this can be inferred from his appearance. He spends most of his time in two locations: either at work or waiting for an interview that will almost certainly not pan out due to a lack of qualifications. There are only four scenes available- one where he passes by quickly during bad weather; another set inside his cramped apartment with piles upon piles of old newspapers as wall decor; yet another scene takes place just outside on a sunny day near some stairs leading up to what seems like it could be an office building.

I like the idea of this game and I think it’s worth a try for people who want to play something with little time commitment. The gameplay gets boring after awhile, but that might just be because all games do eventually! I think the developers had done a great job and I hope that they will keep adding new chapters to the game and make it even more interesting.

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