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Unlimited Money

Deer Simulator – Animal Family Description

Are you an animal lover who wants to live with animals all the time or are you someone who wants to be in a jungle and see everything from an animal’s perspective, how they think, how they act and what they fear, if these are the questions that you want an answer to then Deer Simulator mod APK is a great game for you, it has all the elements that can combine in order to give you a great perspective on what things look like for animals, all the small details that will help you understand them really well.

The game is a very light hearted game and no matter who you are or what your age is, this game is a no brainer, it is just great for chilling and having fun. Deer Simulator, as the name suggests, you will be a deer in this game who will live in a jungle with all the perils present in the surrounding. This game is more of a journey that you will be embarking upon, you can live freely, make friends, or start a family as well.

You can also mate with the female counterparts as you reach a certain level. You can have offsprings, that will help you in your work. You will learn a lot of things by living in the jungle, survival will be the biggest challenge that will always be there for you. As you live in the jungle, you will learn a lot about how different animals react or respond in different situations, this will further help you in survival and make things easier for you.

The game offers a host of other things that will help in making the journey fun and fruitful. The deer can also make his own home where he can reside with his partner, after the deer reaches a certain level, he can have children. The whole family can reside easily under one roof without any problem. As you live in the home, you can buy various things that will help you in making your home beautiful. As you buy things, there will be bonuses that will get added to the deer’s characteristics. The game also provides a lot of different customization options that you can choose from.

There are a variety of skins available, there are golden skins and some hats as well go make your deer look cool or even the most handsome one. In order to survive in the forest, you will have to do a lot of tasks as this will make you experienced, you will also have to collect food while still being safe. You have to learn on how to defend yourself so that even if you encounter an animal that can attack you, you still know the escape route. The gameplay is very simple and there is nothing in it that the player won’t be able to understand. The game also has features where you can increase the speed of the deer so that it can collect food faster and run faster as well. Being a family person, you will also have the responsibility of protecting your family from the wolves, cougars and even Knights. The graphics are also quite accepable with just about enough details and the right amount of color saturation.

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