[Unlocked] Days After MOD (Unlimited Craft)

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DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Requirements4.4 and up
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Dark Days: Zombie Survival Video


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Unlimited Craft

Dark Days: Zombie Survival Description

Do you wish to see how the dark and gloomy days look when the whole city has gotten affected by a virus and the people are in despair? If you want to experience these days, then dark days zombie survival is the game for you. This game brings a really dark plot for you to experience because over positivity isn’t always enjoyable. Moreover, no matter how good your life might be, dark days are experienced by everyone and these are the days that challenge you to the level that you are forced to explore your extremes.

These are the days that actually make you who you are. Similarly, Dark Days: Zombie Survival challenges you at every given moment, it is meant to make you uncomfortable so that you step out of your comfort zone and experience the brutal reality that you might be unaware of. In this game, a virus spreads and mutates the DNA of people making them zombies that aren’t less than cannibals. They are not only killing people but also spreading the virus making things worse. The government of the town orders dropping bombs on these zombies to prevent the further spread and save the city but this virus is a naughty one, it spreads through the wind like wildfire, thus defeating the purpose of the government.

The government got late and the whole city got infected in such a severe way that getting things right again seems impossible. However, you are the one who is still left, sound and healthy, and still have the power to make things good again. You are the protagonist of this story and it is your duty to save the city from getting completely devastated. The people who have somehow survived have escaped the city and have taken temporary shelter, be smart and make the right decision so that no one gets into danger because of you.

The interface of the game is quite attractive, it is simple yet a good one, it provides many professional shooting screens, the characters of the game have been sketched really well unlike a lot of other games where different characters don’t even look different. Here in this game, the faces, the bodies all are different and this shows the genuine involvement of the developers in developing this game. Each character has a different personality and has different fighting abilities as well.

The graphics of the game are very good and with the music that plays in the background, it becomes enjoyable to play the game. The music also provides more spirit and motivation to the player. This game really requires you to be smart, make use of everything that is around you to survive the attack of the zombies, and destroy them as well. You might have to stake some of your good resources in order to achieve the great, don’t be hesitant, do what helps you survive because the good days are waiting for you and it is just a matter of time before you get there, keep up your fighting spirit and enjoy the game. You will also win rewards in this game as you conquer small battles, win over yourself and enjoy the game to the extremes

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