[UNLOCKED] Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor

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DeveloperJP-brothers Inc.
Requirements4.1 and up
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Candy camera now has a filter and beautification quiet mode, so you can take pretty pictures at any time and from any place. Utilize the camera to ensure that you do not miss any opportunities to use social features.


Filters for their photographs:


Candy Camera provides a range of filters that are specifically designed for taking your own images.

With each filter, you’ll see how smooth and beautiful your skin is.

Filters can be swiped left or right.

Filters are shown in real time as Lee takes photographs.

Working Order:


Candy camera filters that eliminate excess processing are used to create the image below.


Reduced in size.

The colour white.



Liner for the eyes.



Additionally, you can edit your own images using stickers to enhance their beauty.




Candy camera has stickers to match each season, trend, and opportunity.


Create your own images and embellish them with a plethora of sticker applications.

Each update includes a new sticker set.

Each shaped sticker can be shifted independently of the others based on your photo’s requirements.

Camera in Silence:


When they are yelling their cool, they can go anywhere.

Dessert camera in silent mode is ideal for any occasion.

Li has been quite a disappointment.



Create a collage of several shouts. Identical to PicsArt.

Select from a variety of grid and candy cameras.

Collage, comfort because you’ll feel as if you’re in a photo booth with cool filters applied to photographs.


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