[UNLOCKED] Brave Nine MOD (Battles Speed x20)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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Brave Nine – Tactical RPG Video


MOD Features

Battles Speed x20

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG Description

Brave Nine: A Tactical Browser-Based Strategy Game with Cartoon Graphics. Brave Nine is a tactical browser-based strategy game that takes place in the world of Brown Dust, where players must command an army to find and solve their father’s betrayal while also bringing peace to their divided land by pushing them into constant war. It may sound ironical but such is the reality of this land.

The player will recruit mercenaries from different classes for leveling up and unlocking abilities through experience points earned during battles as they complete quests or engage in story driven missions alongside other characters who teach you how best utilise your forces on battle field maps against enemies which are controlled by the game’s AI. In this turn based combat system, each side sends out units one at time until all have been deployed then it moves onto another round when more actions can be taken.

The graphics that Brave Nine brings are simple. But there is something new players have never seen before because it has the typical Korean drawing with a unique charm to them and they’re not too realistic looking like most games out on the market today, which makes for an even better experience when playing. The simple reason being that it is rare to see such graphics. They also make sure you can see all your moves going through without any lag from pixelated movements or navigation so gameplay feels smoother than ever.

The reason why Brave Nine is so famous among its fans is because the players can own many different mercenaries. Not only does this game give you access to a whole slew of interesting characters, each with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, but it also allows all of them to be upgraded to max level which means any character in your party will work for whatever team strategy you have.

Whether you’re a fan of RPG games or not, this game is for everyone. Not only can you play alone but with other players from around the world! The graphics are incredible and gameplay never gets old. It is really an awesome game and you must try it too.

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