[UNLOCKED] Bloody Bastards MOD 3.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Bloody Bastards Description

Bloody Bastards is a gritty fighting game set in medieval times that pits you against your opponents in fierce 1v1 battles. There are no rules and there will be blood spilt on the ground as this fight to death will only end when one or both of the two warriors have 0 HP left. You’ll battle for 3 stars by taking down other fighters who live up to their name – Bloody bastards! But do not worry if you stumble upon an opponent with more stars than yours because all it takes is at least 1 star before unlocking new challengers so go forth and show them what’s coming for them.

Bloody Bastards is a game that offers fast-paced action and strategic gameplay for players on the go. Players must use their fingers to control where they are standing in order to attack or defend from your enemy, which means you need quick reflexes if you want any chance of defeating an opponent. Bloody fighters have different controls than other mobile fighting games–instead of pressing buttons with our thumbs we tap around all over screen randomly attacking whoever happens to be close enough when we touch them! It’s up to you how much time it takes for this style system (which can take some getting used too) but even newcomers who don’t know what they’re doing will still find themselves competing against real opponents pretty quickly.

It is a 2D fighting game that features impressive graphics. The characters are like puppets, and the action scenes seem very funny as they’re played out in front of you. You can feel how smooth the controls and physics work to make this experience an enjoyable one!

I always thought that the most important thing about being a samurai was my sword. Now I know it’s also all of the gear! This game is actually way more tactical than you might think, and when your opponent has an advantage in armor or shield stats over you, they don’t stand much chance against someone who hits hard but can take some damage as well.

The combat in this game is super fun and easy to learn. There are tons of weapons, armor, shields, spells as well as different characters you can play with that all have their own strengths and weaknesses which makes it a lot more interesting than most other games where the character has one specific set path for each level or enemy type. It is one of the most interesting games that I had ever played.

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