[UNLOCKED] Black Deck – Card Battle ССG MOD (Auto Win)

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Black Deck – Card Battle ССG Description

Black Deck:Card Battle CCG mod APK is one of those battle games that runs more on the player’s brain rather than outright manpower. The player in this game has to be smart and tactful because that is the only thing required here.

There are a lot of games out there that require more and more of power meaning that they are power dominated games, these games have a very few elements that will require your brain and therefore they are not that engaging. Black Deck has been made in a way that it is intellectual as well as fun.

The gameplay involves you in it so well that you might just fall in love with it. The main elements of the game are cards because this is how battles are fought in this game, since cards are the means of battle here, the player won’t have to participate in any real battle at any point in time. This is a huge advantage that the game has, because games that involve on-ground battle takes up a lot of time in training the armies, preparing guns and other combat equipments, this not only delays everything but also robs away the fun from the game.

The game doesn’t requires your fighting skills, however, it requires your ability to understand and comprehend things so that you can make decisions easily and in the most perfect manner possible. The game has as many as 170 different cards, each one with a different hero and all these heroes have their own unique superpower that can be used as and when needed.

The power that each hero possesses is independent of others and you can feed your curiosity of knowing a hero by clicking on their respective cards. The cards have immense amount of details present and you will get to know each and every bit of the hero. The game offers a lot of characters like mage, gunner, supporter, gladiator and assassins. All the characters have their own strength as well as weaknesses.

The game has so many levels that you will never get bored. The levels have been segregated very well in terms of difficulty, they range from easy to complex and the player will have to face challenges in order to win them. The game has 4 difficulty mode starting from easy, medium, hard and the last one happens to be legendary The different levels challenge you in a way that things don’t get too easy or undoable.

Since the games requires mindfulness, the player will have to well equipped with the enemy’s data because this will help him in assessing their strengths and weaknesses which in turn will give you great opportunities to attack them and win the game. The player also gets the option to choose from 2 different game modes, the first one offers the player to play with the machine, this is good especially when you are practicing, the second one is a PvP or a Player vs Player mode wherein you will be fighting with real players. The graphics of the game is also quite good and the gameplay is very straightforward making this game a no brainer.

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