[UNLOCKED] Beat the Boss 3 MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGame Hive Corporation
Requirements2.3 and up
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The game follows a brave employee as he seeks vengeance on all oppressive bosses from around the world. Travel to various locations and deal with a variety of bosses who all have highly obnoxious attitudes.



You’ll face them head-on in an epic fight in which only the last man standing will claim victory. Utilize the incredible guns you’ve been given and torment the bosses until they’re no longer able to hurl insults at you. You’ll discover that the more you play, the more addicted you become to the game.


Here you’ll find a complete list of the game’s exciting features:


Simplicity combined with addictive gaming

The game features a deceptively simplistic gameplay mechanic in which you simply beat your bosses before they can no longer bear it. As a result, the majority of gamers will quickly adapt to the gameplay. Additionally, the immersive features add to the game’s appeal.


Having said that, when your managers are beating you up, they still have time to split out mean words to taunt you. Increase the intensity of your tormenting immediately if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by their harsh words. Utilize a variety of weapons to strike them and render them speechless.


Take the battle to new locations


And to add to the game’s intrigue, the developers at Game Hive Corporation welcomed gamers to a massive universe filled with numerous adventures. Enjoy yourself on gorgeous stages with a variety of setups.



Fight the bosses on land, sea, deserts, snow-capped mountains, city streets, or even inside a cave. When you take on bosses from all over the world, you’ll learn about a lot of different involved areas. Compete against them in thrilling fights and win valuable loot.


Customize the bosses according to your preferences.

The bosses in Beat the Boss 3 are very relatable, as they all fall under a certain stereotype in real life. You’ll have a great time beating up your virtual bosses and will sound just like the real thing. Additionally, you’ll have access to the exciting customise feature, which enables gamers to build their own custom bosses that share characteristics with the originals. Choose from a variety of hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, and clothing to make a realistic boss with awesome characteristics.


Choose from a variety of firearms.


Additionally, gamers in Beat the Boss 3 will have access to any kind of weapon imaginable. Shoot your pencils at your adversaries. Make extensive use of your fly swatter to cushion them. Strike them with the taser guns’ strong electrodes, fire arrows at them, and more. With over a hundred different lethal weapons, the excitement will never end. Scare the superiors into wetting their pants.


Enhance the capabilities of your arms by adding cool features.

Along with other customization options, players can alter the appearance of their weapons. Choose from a variety of different customization choices, including having your arms painted in new colours and changing the graphics. Assassinate the bosses in style by shooting them with epic weapons. Additionally, customizable weapons allow new visual effects while shooting, which is very appealing.


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